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Six EU nations want migrants forced back to Afghanistan


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They will send them to Serbia.

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Sure, send them back to the modern iteration of Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Makes perfect sense.

This is sheer idiocy.

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The sad thing is that all six of these nations have total fertility rates well below replacement. If their leaders were smart they would do whatever it takes to integrate these immigrants into their society, educate their children and employ them productively. While the immigrant parents will always struggle with their new way of life their kids will, if given opportunities to excel, become model citizens. But I doubt these nations have that level of wisdom, which is why so many of their former citizens fled to the US, Canada, Australia and sometimes Argentina, to places that welcomed immigrants and gave them opportunities never dreamed of in their old tired and highly bigoted European societies. Their kids became model citizens in their new nations and helped build them up. Europe could turn the tables and do the same if they could look past skin color, language and religion and see their potential value. Take a page from the words on the Statue of Liberty. It worked very well for the US.

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@BigYen: This is their country, their life, their wars! The world has nothing obligated to help them if they refused to help themselves! They run away from the trench lines and giving heavy burden to other countries, is it fair?

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They should go home and fight for their country and their own freedom!

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