Sky-watchers get rare treat: total lunar eclipse


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Yes, just as I was admiring how beautiful the full moon, it started to change colors, and quite magnificent I might add! I do not remember seeing a Lunar Eclipse here in Japan, and I have been here for almost 20 years, but real cold out side, sure Foxie in Hokkaido will laugh at me down here in Tokyo (complaining about the cold). My kids were very amazed by this eclipse and to see them oooHHH and aaaaHHH and WAAAA sugoiiii!! Well it is worth standing out on my balcony with them for these golden moments with an orange full moon over Tokyo on a such a clear night!

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Though it was cloudy early, it turned out to be a beautiful eclipse. The moon was reddish at totality...very nice!

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My son and I were

sharing the binoculars...

It was beautiful!

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It was very pretty. With the moon in shadow the stars were also pretty phenomenal.

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I managed to take a few great pics of the eclipse.. :)

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Was cloudy here so I would have missed it anyway but how about JT writes a little something about it before hand? I found out due to facebook friends!

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Was pretty romantic. :-)

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ElBuda, we had very clear skies up here and it wasn't that cold, only -7C. I sat outside the whole time in my down pants and jackets, nice and warm, (Mont-Bell rocks) and watched this marvellous phenomena. It was my first time to see one. They are much rarer than solar eclipses.

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I took out my telescope. It was very beautiful. We were blessed with good weather, weren't we!

It was a nice opportunity to speak with people as well. Sharing a telescope brings people together.

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It was great from Kobe. Spent a freezing hour in a car park next to our home. Shot some nice photo's. The sky was crystal clear.

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Wish Id known about this :( !

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Here in Tokyo, the moon was directly overhead. It was a little difficult holding the head all the way back while looking straight up to watch that magnificent sight. Next time hope the moon gets shaded at a little lower angle. Seemed like most people were walking around on Shinjuku Dori with their heads held back (usually it's the other way round ... their heads are down as they peer into their keitai). Good show, ol' moon, sun and, of course, Earth ...

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That was a cool eclipse. So cool in fact that at one stage I wished I had two pair of gloves on. Only wished it was at a lower angle, my neck is still suffering today.

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It was impossible for me to miss it. Not only a total lunar eclipse, but also it is called "Long Nights Moon" on the Winter solstice according to the Pagan Calendar. Soon we'll have the Yule Sabbat celebration on the 22th of this month. Roast beef with baked garlic potatoes and red wine will be served on that day. Strawberry Pie for dessert.

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I stupidly forgot to check it out while walking home, but bared the cold to go outdoors and see it at its peak. It did indeed have a reddish hue, and was very beautiful.

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A HD Raiders on BS got turned off. The lunar eclipse won hands down. My first full lunar eclipse. The ballet of the skies. Fantastic.

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Yesterday, the dawn sun was very red, had some people scared because the last time was just before the Kobe earthquake. During the day there was a false earthquake report by Hanku railway and evacuated a train? My camera was totally vertical shooting the eclipse, glad I had a swivel screen.

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An excellent lunar show. I sat outside and watched almost the whole eclipse. I took about 45 minutes of video the video is O.K., but not as clear as the naked eye. I had to run into the house to charge the two extra batteries and ran back out in a flash to change them. The moon was high in the sky. Some wispy clouds swept in during the first 20 minutes or so given it a mysterious look. The half time shadow was distinct. Not so cold either. What a great experience.

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very cool looked like a giant umeboshi once fully eclipsed!

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Twas cool indeed! I ran over to my GF's house and got her outside for a bit of snogging under the red moon. Maybe it's lucky, I don't know, but it was lucky for me. :D

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Thanks for the early notification here on JT not!

I saw the full moon during the day yesterday, but did not know this would occur.

Down at the beach today everything was really wet. There was a super high tide.

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Nice. Almost as good as a total solar eclipse.

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Missed it. Not in YESTERDAY's news so I could see it. The moon isn't visible from my northside apartment. Nuts.

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Myself and over 15 other women (AFWJ club here in Chiba) and a handful of our children/daughters (and a token husband here and there), were together having a celebration Christmas dinner bash. Now as some were leaving the moon was noticed, so the rest of us ladies followed out to get a good look. Yes it was cold, clear beautiful sky and totally wonderful - especially shared with good friends. At the time the moon was just about strait overhead and about 90% covered then. The perfect Saturday night - if you ask me! :)

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