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Skydiver sheds parachute midair to kill himself


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Very odd. Why take off the chute? Was he afraid he would chicken out and pull the cord?

Well, he died the way he wanted and took none with him. 60 is a good age to die and he was responsible enough to leave a note. I can only hope he committed suicide on his own terms and it was not something that could have been helped.

RIP Robert Raecke.

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How can the note he left behind be called a suicide note if the note didn't explain the suicide? It would just be a note in that case.

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ka_chan: The article only says that he didn't explain WHY he was going to kill himself. If he said in the note he intended to commit suicide it's still a suicide note if there's no reason.

Anyway, at least the guy went out doing what he loved. As for why he shed the chute, he probably just did it because the things are bulky and he wanted to fall unhindered. Probably more mental than anything -- take off the chute and it's guaranteed.

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Leopalacesux: Modern parachutes have pressure safety system. It automatically deploys the parachute in a certain height if it haven't been deployed already. That's probably the reason he took it off.

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Good thing he didn't hit anyone or break their property at the bottom........

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It's terrible that he had to take his life, but at least he didn't go on a shooting rampage first before taking his own life, like so many "suicide by cop" instances that happen in the U.S. Rest in Peace.

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Is this the first time he tried this out? He's on a permanent vacation now.

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Well at least he had the good decency to do this away from the public, and not jump in front of a train like the lady just did in front of the NEX. Not trying to joke or make light of both situations, but at least with sky-diving, you jump out over open areas, away from the public so that you will not land on anyone or in any hazards. He at least thought enough about trying to not harm anyone when taking himself out. Unlike that woman or the others who jump in front of trains here in Japan.

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Suicide is awful, but at least this guy did not jump off the Empire State Building etc..and hit and also kill somebody walking on the streets of NYC, right?? RIP??

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Drop from a parachute at that high is lunacy.

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