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Israeli police beat pallbearers at Al Jazeera journalist's funeral


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They wonder why they reaping ,what they sowed

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Killing Israeli civilians are not reported as a violence .... But the media boost when Israel retaliate...

A kind of double standard ...

With out suffering an attack from Islamic terrorist Israeli never retaliate ..

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Israel is wrong, in this instance.

They should have allowed the procession to continue and brought in more, heavily armed, police with riot gear, but held them back. If anything terrible happened, then bring in the army with heavier weapons. Emotions were high. That what happens at funerals.

As for the killing of the reporter, if the two sides don't work together, no answer is possible. The Palestinians have the bullet. The Israelis have the rifle. Hard to determine a match without both. Perhaps the answer is to get a 3rd party involved?

Reporters who were with Abu Akleh, including one who was shot and wounded, said there were no clashes or militants in the immediate area. All of them were wearing protective equipment that clearly identified them as reporters.

"immediate area" means different things. Any videos of the shot which could provide bullet trajectory information? A shot aimed at a militant may have missed and she could have been standing 20m behind the intended target. Or she could have been on a list for opportunistic killing. We'll never know.

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Seems like a disrespectful and distasteful reaction to chants and songs! Had the police backed off let it proceed, surly a better outcome then global coverage of pallbearers being beaten, coffins being dropped. A little leeway might have been appreciated she was a reporter killed by Israeli after all.

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Israel is an aparteid state.

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Nothing will happen. This is a genocidal apartheid state occupying and repressing/oppressing Palestine in action.

the have a “get out of jail free card”. A present from USA. Every single UNSC resolution is vetoed, they are not a members of the ICC. The number of American Jews in US politics and Govt is very high, you can google. Israel gets the most military aid of any country.

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Israeli police said they had stones thrown at them, WELL BACK OFF. And the police were wearing riot gear so a stone really shouldn’t be a problem sure they get more grief at home than with their job.

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"They issued a video in which a commander outside the hospital warns the crowd that police will come in if they don’t stop their incitement and “nationalist songs.”"

This weasally written article and author does everything possible to minimize the racially fascistic nature of the zionist regime in Palestine. A good example is "...helping fuel an 11-day war between Israel and Gaza militants last year..." where a 'war' means slaughter by heavily armed racist thugs of people trapped in a concrete walled, barbed wired Concentration Camp with few resources who simply want FREEDOM from pathological oppression and from what is exactly the U.N. definition of Genocide. There is NO QUESTION that the zionist military MURDERED in cold blood Ms Abu Akleh, even if it was some even crazier individual in their ranks whose hatred was greater than his discipline, this is NOT unusual for these rabid NAZIoid thugs we see in the news abusing and murdering men, women, children (ESPECIALLY teenage boys) , old people reported daily in the world's news however ignored by Western media. And this abuse of the native people of Palestine has been occurring since the earliest zionist communes in Palestine were established in the early 1900s and if one researches the behaviors of groups such as "The Stern Gang", "Likud", et alia, one will see the earliest examples of what, today, we call TERRORISM. A favorite behavior was a gasoline bomb into an open bedroom window in the middle of the night. Please, if you have any Humanity in your soul, on 15May, mourn the NAKBA as many who have come to understand the tragedy of Palestine will. And the greatest irony here is that what is purported to have happened to 'Jewish People' (there were NO zionists in the camps) in WWII is used as justification for what is being done to Palestinian People today.

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The Israelis are their own worst enemy. Israel could have handled this more deftly. This whole ideology that a Jew has the right to take an Arab's land and home because, well, he or she is Jewish and the other party is not, is to this property owner the most offensive aspect of Israeli policy and it is the root of all of the violence happening there. If Jews didn't believe they were entitled to lands held by Muslim and Christian Arabs and stopped taking their land and stop taking over their holy sites then there is a possibility their disputes could be resolved. Respect is earned and the Israelis are earning only scorn, at least from this land owner's perspective.

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DISGUSTING at the least, Israel armed forces are out of control and has been for a while. I am sure that Jews and Arabs alike will not stand for this brutal act. What threat did these present to be attacked by armed soldiers and police???

How low will Israel go!?

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Brutal Israeli leaders of an apartheid state. May God deliver the poor Palestinians from this situation.

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At some point Israel will come to realize that what ever actions of violence and brutality if inflects of it's own people and people under it's occupation will come back to hunt the state for a very long time, it has been and will continue for as long as Israel continues on this path.

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The fact that you still see people defending why it is ok to hit the people carrying a coffin in a funeral, explains what's wrong with humanity nowadays. Israel knew this funeral was being broadcasted all over the world and yet they still did this. I bet it's much worse when no one is recording...

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Even in death, they won't let her rest in peace.

Israel is an apartheid state.

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This is what Apartheid looks like.

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Shireen Abu Akhleh was shot in the face by a sniper, even though she was wearing her press jacket. Shireen Abu Akhleh was deliberately targeted. Shireen Abu Akleh was murdered. Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions now please.


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Israel is in many ways like Nazi Germany, targeting a minority on their own land. Even in death the Palestinians cannot rest.

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When I visited post Apartheid South Africa, it was considered important to visit the site where Sam Nzima took a photograph that both wasn't much different from too many other photos of the aftermath of the second last surviving Apartheid regime's oppressive violence, and was totally different from every other one of those photos because it was the moment when the doom of the regime was sealed.

I wonder if the site of this disgusting sight was captured will become a similar place of historical significance, or not.

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Pushing and clubbing mourners and pallbearers how despicable.

And to know that Israel is a united nations member but Palestine isn't.

Despicable hate crimes aren't necessary and don't achieve anything

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Shameful and condemnanle. First Israel killed her in cold blood and now doing this to her funeral. And then they wonder why people hate Israel?

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@marc laden, could you please enlighten us how many Israelis are killer which are not reported and how many Arabs being murdered by Israelis?

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Russia: “Look at all the attention I’m getting for doing horrible things!”

Israel: “Hold my beer.”

Despicable thing to do.

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Shame on Israel.

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My post at 11:41 should read

"EVERY Arab-Israeli has full voting rights and SEVERAL hold seats in the Knesset."

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