Slap to Macron puts focus on ultra-right groups


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Tarel says he “struck out without thinking”? Judging by his politics, he seems to be living most of his life that way.

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I’m sure there a lot of people in France that want to slap Macron. He’s destroying France.

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Ultra-rightist or not, Macron slapped in the face while greeting crowd is rather embarrassing.

Remember a shoe was thrown at Bush Jr. during a press briefing in Mideast years ago?

These are small prices politicians pay to become nations' leaders..

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Conservative political parties are not “ultra-right.” It’s the mainstream media that is ultra-left.

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Conservative political parties are not “ultra-right.” It’s the mainstream media that is ultra-left.

I grew up in a world where there were actual hard core Maoists and Stalinists. Today's "left" would have called center right in my youth and Republicans of my youth would be labeled "radical leftists" by the standards of the right wing today. You have to have lived a long life to know this, but don't try to make up this idea that the media today is "ultra-left". It isn't. The press today is too afraid to say the things that were said decades ago or centuries ago. Read James Madison's famous speech "A Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments" and John Adams 1765 newspaper editorial "A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law". Both excoriate organized Christianity in the harshest language imaginable. Today's touchy Christians would cry "hate speech" and if I actually quoted it here my post would be promptly removed. But that was the level of discourse during the Age of Reason when nothing was beyond criticism and critiques were frequently sharp tongued. Read Thomas Payne too. If you are unfamiliar with their writings you will be shocked. Today Payne would be branded a communist heretic, but he is one of the founders of the US.

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