Slowly, surely, U.S. houses of worship emerge from lockdown


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More than 40 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus following a church service in Frankfurt, Germany's financial center, earlier this month, the head of the city's health department told a news agency on Saturday.

The opening of a JT story from yesterday.

There was also a recent HuffingtonPost article about 3 Covid19 deaths as a result of a single church service.

And I remember an article about most of a church choir ending up with Covid19 that traced back to one member who was presymtomatic at the time he attended practice.

But the most important thing to note is the comment of one of the attendees at a church that refused to suspend services because of Covid19, even when ordered to. She said that 'the blood of Christ' would protect everyone in attendance.

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at this point there’s still health issues and we still don’t know where things are going,” he said.

Nutshell. The virus has shown it's not 'just another cold/flu/hepatitis'. Many odd health effects are associated with it. It's also shown it's not a Bubonic Plague. But caution should still be taken.

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'Religion is the opiate of the masses'

Though sometimes you need to lay off the hard stuff!!

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Baptist church opened after ease of lockdown in Germany resulting in over 100 new cases.

Expect the virus to flourish in the USA. Sad news,

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But the most important thing to note is the comment of one of the attendees 

Blind Faith was a great band.

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Great news!

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