Small COVID-19 outbreaks keep plaguing Australia

By Lidia Kelly

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Curious. Why such a ‘hard line’ @Reckless 2:27pm?

- “Strict immediate military lockdown. No one in, no one out. As long as it takes.”

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Strange that despite the very stringent control and mitigation less density the highly contagious delta still finds a way to spread. Whereas in one of the most densely populated cities preparing to host an international event and trains and buses running fully packed, no mitigation efforts this same delta variant though found to be on the increase and now representing 32 percent isn't as contagious. Very strange indeed, don't know what to believe.

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Yes, it is true the Australian government has taken sever measures to control the virus. However, the success is due to the compliance of the vast majority of the public. These new outbreaks and clusters come from the irresponsible few who disregard the restrictions. The media has stopped releasing the identities of those responsible for the clusters for fear of hate crimes.

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These breakouts happen mostly from hotels used to quarantine people entering the country. This is the drawback of not having purpose built facilities to handle full biological quarantines.

Victoria is in the process of planing a five hundred bed purpose built facility for biological quarantine. Two sites are under consideration to build this facility however the speed at which things move here it could be a year or two before it is completed and ready for use. The staff including security will need full training in proper procedures for biological containment from the military.

Each state needs such facilities to end these breakouts and until they are in operation these cases of covid getting out will continue.

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we ain’t ever going home, it’s a prison island there. The rest of the world will emerge from covid soon and they’ll still be locked up. And we’ll be lucky to see our family before god knows when.

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Australia is doing a great job .

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The New York Times reported yesterday that only 3.2% of Australians are fully vaccinated. Of course they are susceptible to Covid-19 outbreaks.

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Are we going to read headlines forever now every time someone somewhere is infected with this virus?

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I have to agree with drlucifer

Japan just has home quarantine for returned traveller( and they can still go out to the convenience store whatever), next to no testing, no contact tracing to speak of, and a joke of a lockdown, mainly banning alcohol drinking, yet they have beaten the virus soundly so we are led to believe and even the variant doesn't matter in Japan, Alpha , Beta, Delta are all no match for Japanese anti virus measures. Yet in Australia with total lockdowns where people can barley leave their houses, thousands upon thousands of test which Japan doesn't even see in a week let alone a day

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I'm glad I have zero desire to ever visit Australia, because it doesn't seem like they'll be open to tourists for a few decades with all this lockdown fetish stuff...

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There is no evidence that new and more infectious variants will ever be stopped by any means, unless you're going to imprison a population in isolated cells. But what about the guards?

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The Australian team is already here. No problem ??!

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New South Wales, Australia's most populous state

Is it absolutely necessary to be informed, over and over again, whenever NSW or Victoria are mentioned in a story, that the former is the most populous or latter the second most? Given that there’s little in it (8.2m vs 6.7m), and in view of the fact that Victoria has a much greater population density than any other state, surely the time has come to retire these much overused terms. Who even knows (or cares) whether California is still the most populous state; or if Texas, Florida, New York, or wherever, is “the second most populous”? Or, whether Quebec pips Ontario or vice versa, in the case of Canada?

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