Smoke shrouds Sydney’s skyline as wildfires burn nearby


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Looks like pollution in china. Ha

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The fires were deliberately lit by teenagers and children as young as 9 years old boy. The 9 years old boy was issued a warning under the Young Offenders Act and 16 years old was charged for starting bushfire in NSW. Also a 51-year-old man has been charged after allegedly lighting a fire in a backburning attempt to protect his cannabis crop.

10 children and 8 adult were charged for deliberately lighting fire in QLD.

136 children were charged with endangering property in Queensland by lighting fires — just only 18 were convicted in 2018 in QLD.

The Northern Territory and Western Australia have hottest temperatures in Australia and also they have dry grasslands and forests too, but there are rarely bushfire in these two states.

Why NT and WA do not have as many as bushfires as NSW, QLD and VIC if the warm weather climate change has to be blamed for bushfire?

I believe those teenagers arsonists are anti-climate change and Extinction Rebellion movement supporters. The children as young as 9 years old were involved in deliberately lighting bushfire were extremely disturbing. The children were brainwashed by left wing anti climate change and Extinction Rebellion known as an XR group in Australia.

There was a little chance of starting bushfire without lightening. NSW bushfires were started by deliberately lit by young peoples and spread to other areas.

There are two scientists groups which they disagreed about the theory of Climate changes. One group has said CO2 was to blame for Climate change and other group argues CO2 was not to blame for Climate change. All scientists are respectable and well-known to the world.

The children should not be becoming climate change warriors and Extinction rebellions. The British environmentalist and naturalist Sir David Attenborough and some scientists who predict and talk about the extinction of wildlife and human on earth were irresponsible and reckless. Now the Green and left wing extremists are infiltrated into the children's classroom and brainwashing children with lives extinction on earth and anti climate change in Public Schools in Australia, Canada and across Europe.

Our planet's climate has been changed and steady increased warming since the planet was formed. That's why earth has able to host life and plant. Now the earth was old and also the earth was over populated.

The world population needs control for to limit damage to the earth. We will need more livestock and more lands for a growing population.

The methane gas released by cattle has damaged our earth Ozone layer and Methane accounted for about 16% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The clearing forests for mining and farming have caused deforestation. The forests absorb and store large amount of CO2 and released Oxygen back into the air.

I have no doubt about human activity has attributed to global warming, but the human was not entirely blame for that. It was also a natural climate cycle of the earth. The more human on earth will cause more damage to the earth. We need a plan to control the world population to save the earth if you’re anti climate changes or extinction rebellion.

The children should not be becoming climate change warriors and Extinction rebellions. Please, do not light fire to start a wildfire for to blame Politicians and climate change disbelievers for Global warming.

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