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Smokey Sydney to kick off New Year parties with fireworks


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They must really love their fireworks down under.


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Admittedly the money has already been spent(they aren’t going to pop down the shops for some fireworks at the last minute) but the political fall out of how they have mishandled it and ignored public concerns will be as toxic as the air has become.

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Smoke-choked Sydney was gearing up Tuesday for a huge fireworks

It's like playing music on the Titanic.

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@englisc asprygend.... yes, I sort of agree with you, shooting off fireworks into a dry fire-prone neighbourhood seems a daft idea, though I wonder why they couldn't simply carry forward the purchases that they'd made to the next near, cancelling the current one.. I guess we haven't been told more about the finer details such as ... you bought X amount of fireworks this year and cant store them anywhere for the next...

In financial terms, its perhaps time to have a Futures market in Fireworks.....

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I did not celebrate the new year because many of our fellow in country side are losing their home and livelihood as well as uncertain future in 2020.

However, the firework for New Year celebration was already paid and spent before a bushfire started. The New Year firework cannot cancel now and show must go on.

The NSW Government should spend more money for bushfire victims and firefighters. I hope other state governments also spend more money on bushfire victims and firefighter too.

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A New Year and the same fire.

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What an insult. Family and friends of those who have died in the fires have every right to feel abused.

Putting out the fire using gasoline.

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