Snake on a plane: Qantas passengers amazed as python clings to wing during flight


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This is actually quite sad to think about - the poor snake made every effort to stay alive, and they say it struggled to hang on. Poor thing.

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Strange news, but good thing this huge snake did not fall of and into the jet engines!

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sad start for coming Year of the Snake

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I agree Maria! I'm not a fan of snakes but i give respect to this python which showed an amazing desire to stay alive.

If I was the pilot, I would have turned the flight back.

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I understand the economics of not turning back, sure, but this is a really sad story and I wish that animal life could be given higher priority. Oh, and unlike southsakai, I am a fan of snakes, within reason.

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Snakes are protecting Australian crops. If I am a pilot, I will make emergency landing.

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It'll make a nice sanshin.

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Mounted Python ...

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I wonder how it hung onto the aircraft while still being visible to the passengers? There aren't too many things a snake can use to resist 300mph winds.

In other news: Port Moresby officials have fined Quantas for attempting to illegally import a non-indigenous species into the country. ;-)

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The strength this creature portrayed is simply amazing, but I knew this story could not end well given how cold it is at those altitudes and how little air there is. Truly sad... It had to have been a terrible death.

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Well thats one way to not have to pay for a plane ticket. I hope the snake is ok though.

They should call him "Dragon" because he is a reptile and he flew, granted he may have cheated by using a human made machine, but hey who could blame him.

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Well thats one way to not have to pay for a plane ticket. I hope the snake is ok though.


“It was still on the aircraft when it arrived in Port Moresby but it had died by that stage.”

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Poor reptile. Sad and funny at the same time. Who says the animal kingdom doesn't have irony.

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