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Solomon Islands PM contender vows to abolish China security pact


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I don't blame him, ALL countries that has rubbed with China ended up looking like turkeys shortly after, Ecuador, Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, HK even...

China has hundreds of millions if unemployed or under employed youths, yet it's promoting 100% automation. Do you think China cares about youths in your country?

Official CCP approved promo video, 25 seconds in 100% automation.


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Wish Pacific Islands would fully ally with NZ and protect themselves against the superpowers

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Right wing Liberal/National Party in Australia ignored the Pacific, withdrew aid and belittled the leaders of those nations in a patronising 19th Century way ....that's a reason why these nations turned toward China .

Add in mocking the Pacific Islands concern with climate change and rising sea levels. One incident of this mockery caught on a live mike.

Now a more centrist ALP is governing, we are seeing a regrowth in the relationship between Australia and The Pacific, one item on the table is relaxed Visa entries for Island people to work in Australia.

God bless the Pacific Island nations .

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Hope this guy wins but the vote is probably rigged. He might want to keep an AK at the ready and sleep with one eye open, too.

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Right wing Liberal/National Party in Australia ignored the Pacific, withdrew aid

If only...SI dumped Taiwan evidently because Taiwan can't match China's financial offer. ONLY Sogavare is so blind he can't read newspapers or look to his neighbour for China's gifts and what to expect.


Name one, just one country, that improved lives of average citizens as a result of taking Chinese gifts or debt. '0'

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Smart guy!

Do not trust West Taiwan!

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Smaller weaker nations which support China eventually end up owing the farm.

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Solomon Islanders should do what they think is best for their long-term national goals. That is a choice only they can make. Hopefully, the people's wishes will be honored by their elected leaders.

Of course, if any outsiders are bribing the leaders, I hope those people got their money already. Any bribes need to be for the good of the entire country, not a few individuals.

Countries like the Solomon Islands need to have a mandated contractual requirement that 50% of any profits extracted from their natural resources goes into a fund for use specifically to better the lives and education of locals. Imagine what African countries could be like if they'd done that and insisted on that going forward? Warlords would have a hard time, that's certain.

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