Sons of murdered Saudi journalist Khashoggi say they 'forgive' killers

By Yasin AKGUL

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Justice, the Saudi way....almost sounds like Japan, pay compensation and watch things disappear!

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Yubaru.... That is exactly what has happened .... Compensation or Blood money is paid..

I’m sure it was an enormous sum, the Khashoggi family is already one of the richest families in Saudi Arabia. Jamal’s father was the famous arms dealer in the 70’s and 80’s.

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Money talks and justice can be bought.

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Who could have seen this coming?

Threats and possibly lots of money go a long way in Saudi Arabia!!!

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A predictable story arc allowing the butchers to "live happily ever after ( prince "saw-bones" ordained the pay out of blood money)", but MBS won't be able to buy himself a pardon from his god, even as "the jolly good fellow" is forgiven and welcomed back by the "international community" of oil-addicts.

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It would't have been justice either to hang soldiers that were only doing a job their government ordered them to do.

I’m sure it was an enormous sum, the Khashoggi family is already one of the richest families 

Precisely. They don't care about money, they took a gift out of tradition but even if that sounds a lot to you, it's a token for them. But they probably got some arrangement : in exchange of them not insisting on justice, the regime lets the rest of the family live in peace and doesn't fear ending up like Jamal.

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Kashoggi was muslim brotherhood activist and a danger to the Saudi regime. Just labelling him a "journalist" is a grossly misleading. But that is the fake media for you.

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Just labelling him a "journalist" is a grossly misleading. 

That's a perspective. But journalist was his job, what he got paid to do.

 fake media for you.

'fake media' is another term used by the global alt right to identify outlets that present perspectives different from theirs. What would an example of 'not fake' media be, in your country or anywhere in the world.

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That's right now. Michael Jackson paid $X million to a family to drop child abuse allegations on him, OJ Simpson paid sports hero dollars to jurers to let him off the hook, Saddam Hussein paid $B to families of the victims of the USS Stark attack in 1987, Moammar Qaddafy paid $X million to survivors of his terrorism shenanigans in order to get UN sanctions off of Libya, and now this. Money talks.

'Big money goes around the world' - RUSH

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