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South's unification minister resigns as Korean tensions rise


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Chairman Kim again has disappeared awhile and his whereabouts (dead or alive?) is still underway. The North's latest provocation suggests that the leadership status is being transferred to his sister. Brinkmanship is needed to consolidate power under the sister. Another launch of "projectiles" may be the next move.

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I'd resign too. Hard to imagine a crappier job.

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It's always been like this for the North. Engineer crisis to leverage aid. This would never end unless we ignore them.

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Just goes to show you can't deal with the DPRK.

Does Moon still believe in a peaceful unification with NK?

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once it became clear Kim had no intent to voluntarily deal away the nukes he likely sees as his strongest guarantee of survival.

I could have told them that over a year ago and saved everybody a lot of time and money. There is no way Kim is going to give up the nukes, period. I was just laughing at the site of Trump and Moon trying so hard and Kim leading them by their noses. The program has to be shut down and dismantled by external forces...

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He failed. Look what he has done. He should return his pay.

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There is never that the North Korean top stated, "I discard a nuclear weapon", or "I stop the development of the nuclear weapon".

The present to North Korea by Moon Jae-in is that there was not profit for North Korea.

American expert watches closely that when U.S. forward to next Step in.

In other words, subject to monitoring by the U.S. , it is that North Korea accepts possession of nuclear weapons.

In other words, it is that the United States accepts the possession of the nuclear weapon by N.Korea with the proviso that U.S. always watch it.

S.Korea moves to new era in "the nuclear weapon of the With north" and "With new coronavirus". Naturally the USFK will be reduced.


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