South Korea ferry death toll tops 100


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Well don't forget to blame the current owner of the ship cuz they promised the japanese seller that they will only use it for a display for water park. Spent only 500 usd a year for safty.

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Don't blame the captain totally, blame the President in Chief of Korea she had an opportunity to get help and denied when there was a chance of hope. Honestly there is no hope chance for survival now. Too long !!

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They made extra guest rooms that brought extra 239t and extract 50t side lamp so they can put more cargo in front also, That made the center of gravity higher and unstable The conversion was done by small new company has no experience and sluppy safty test They need a new regulation and decent standard To make the best out of this tragedy

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Before it was the Sewol (2013) it was the Naminoue (1994). The new Naminoue came out in 2012 and looks just like the Sewol. The Naha to Kagoshima route is not the easiest route either = no problems running that for 18 years.

Click on the "Live Map" to see all the ships. Passenger lines are in blue.

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How they abandoned the passengers and used the "Staff Only" escape routes behind the poor students' back really got my blood to boil. I know what's done cannot be undone, but if only some of them had the right mind, there would have been more survivors!

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Wrong ship, was sold for display, wrong conversion, makes the center of gravity higher, wrong course, the 5th fastest tide in the world Too much cargo, 3-4 times hevier than it's limit wrong captain and crews, with no experience and trained Wrong police which never tell the truth Wrong government which didn't take the US and japanese offer, Feel really sorry for all passengers

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I just read what happen in a similar accident where the captain and crew used the fire hose as a rope to lift the passengers to safety resulting to zero fatalities.

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That boat was listing too much to evacuate. Even if the order was given most couldn't have climbed out.

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In the end, I am afraid most--if not all--of the original 290 missing reported the day of the sinking are probably dead. In my opinion, if the ship's crew had been more competent in evacuating the passengers, the death toll might have been vastly lower.

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Preoccupation on self glorification and not looking unto it's self may be the problem.

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More than three-quarters of the 323 students are dead or missing, while nearly two-thirds of the other 153 people on board the ferry Sewol survived.

That is a big difference.

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