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South Korea says North Korea has fired several cruise missiles into the sea


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rocketboy is crying for attention again. You know why NK 101% wont launch a war now? because he already sold most of its weapon stockpile to Russia. If a war break off now, he wont have enough weapons to protect itself against SK Japan and US. Despicable and childish acts just to scare people off, but in fact nobody even care about him

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> Cruise missiles are among a broad range of weapons North Korea has been testing in recent years as it attempts to build a viable nuclear threat against the United States and its Asian allies. 

Of course, North Korea has nuclear capability but maybe the writer of this article should consider that instead of the threat, the nuclear capability is a deterrent to aggression from outside Korea the

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If Kim attacks, his family’s dynasty will come to a swift end.

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Mind you, Kim is not stupid!!!

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North Korea: 200...

Fish: 0...

South Korea: Laughing...

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North Korea will never attack unless it feels threatened by outside powers

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Little Fatty throwing the toys out of the pram.

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kurisupisuToday  03:25 pm JST

North Korea will never attack unless it feels threatened by outside powers

"the Korean War began on June 25, 1950, when the Northern Korean People's Army invaded South Korea in a coordinated general attack at several strategic points along the 38th parallel, the line dividing communist North Korea from the non-communist Republic of Korea in the south. North Korea aimed to militarily conquer South Korea and therefore unify Korea under the communist North Korean regime. "


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