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North Korea test-fires 2 more missiles as U.S. sends carrier


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ver good! we love missiles

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Is NK trying to create artificial islands made out of fired missiles that they can then claim territorial waters for?

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Iran carrying out terror campaign in Syria, Russia terrorising Ukraine, NK terrorising its own ethnic brothers, all friends of China.

Japan should tread very carefully.

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No Orange = Kim Soon Fat unleashed

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Just remember, one mistake and it's bye-bye time for you.

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We should be thanking Rocket Man, Look at all the missiles he is sending our way so we can practice shooting them down with our cutting edge anti missile system! You know what they say, "practice makes perfect."

With all this practice the JDF is getting from these missiles, we can all sleep easy at night knowing they and the hard working, diligent politicians have our backs covered!

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David(N.K.) confront Goliath !

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Go away, Kimmy. Zzzzzzzzz......

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Both don’t make any sense. Those test missiles won’t have any effect against a carrier and vice versa, the carrier won’t have any effect on test missiles. In fact we are surrounded and entangled by idiots everywhere, that’s the kernel problem on this globe.

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This really needs to come from a US President:

"Mr Kim, listen very carefully as I am only going to say this once. Neither the US or its allies are interested in invading your country, you have nothing we need and we are not interested in your borders with Russia and China. You often talk about unleashing an overwhelming force, well, let me tell you this very clearly; if you launch an attack on the US or its assets, our allies or their assets, you will find out what an overwhelming force really is, You, your family and much of your country will be wiped from the face of the earth. I strongly advise you not to risk this."

The last US President was too interested in self-promotion and swapping "beautiful" letters with Kim and the current US President doesn't have the 'nads to say it, let alone actually do it.

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Both don’t make any sense.

Oh, it does.

Kim: "We are being threaten by the evil empire. But Kim is here to protect you. Kim has big weapons. And will make even bigger weapons! Our enemies will tremble of fear!"

Biden: "China is threatening our economy. They are buying our ventures. They are taking over our banks. And this... eh... Kim... is launching missiles! You must stop doing business with China! You must buy more weapons from us to protect yourselves! Eh.. what did you say? Putin? Don't mind him, I am talking about China here! And, eh, Kim..."

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Putin and Xi BUSY prepping their #1 'proxy' warrier NK with all sorts of new toys, most rapid and dangerous weapons proliferation IN HISTORY; including WMDs, hypersonic missiles, EMP bombs, drone submarine nuclear bombs, ICBMs, cruise missiles, etc. all courtesy of exiled oligarchs and their Ukraine proxy war naturally.

Feeling safer TOKYO and Japan?!?!

Going to TAKE lots of BOJ money printing to try and respond to all these new threats to civilization naturally this stuff will always 'get thru' any supposed 'iron dome' defense, so essentially pointless exercise in futility.

Meanwhile NK factories busy churning out munitions for Russia's use in Ukraine, real win:win for the world. Meanwhile the Ukraine war proxies, BUSY fund raising in Tokyo to fuel their real agenda, the Kremlin/Putin Coup d'état, but they somehow never bother to mention the above COSTS and RISKS TO JAPAN, now do they?!

Not to mention the massive weapons and technology proliferation from Russia to China, think ALL of the ABOVE and then a WHOLE LOT MORE, now that's expensive and RISKY Folks, makes NK look like pauper!

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NK's PERFECT proxy combatant, battle hardened, no real economy or infrastructure to speak of and nothing to lose but EVERYTHING to gain.

Any such militarized state like NK will GLADLY accept all these fancy high tech weapons from their overloads!

NK's DEAD OPPOSITE of Ukraine, they're losing EVERYTHING and then some, could have easily followed the Finland/Norway neutrality model but US NATO geopolitical rats and exiled oligarchs took over. NK has no such risks, China & Russia VERY clever indeed!

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I wonder if their repeated launchings of missiles, either long-range or short-range, wouldn't deplete the country's resources and coffers.

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I wonder if their repeated launchings of missiles, either long-range or short-range, wouldn't deplete the country's resources and coffers.

It's called training and that's great thing about being a proxy warrior, everything's paid for, plus they're earning 'credits' from their overlords, distracting and destabilizing their adversaries etc.

So not exactly your friendly neighborhood collaboration but NK's loving this new elevated proxy status, factories are churing out the munitions, times are good in NK!

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This has got to be the funniest shiat ever imagine!!! I would believe it if the little man said his farts would cause a radioatice tsunami LMFAO!! Anyways if this was true China and Russia would not like that as they too would be affected.

The North's tests also included a purported nuclear-capable underwater drone that the North claimed is capable of setting off a huge “radioactive tsunami” that would destroy naval vessels and ports. Analysts were skeptical about the North Korean claims about the drone or whether the device presents a major new threat, but the tests underlined the North’s commitment to expand its nuclear threats.

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