South Korea sees biggest jump in virus cases in seven weeks


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Goes to show that you can't be praising any one country while the pandemic still continues. This battle is far from over. Also goes to show the risks in opening up even in stages, balancing economic and social needs while continuing to try to contain spread. It's a tough task for any country.

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I don't know why they did not keep the course for another month they were so close to the end.

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I don't know why they did not keep the course for another month they were so close to the end.

As of May 27 2020, South Korea has reported administering a total of 852,876 tests or 16,637 tests per million of population. Of those, 11,265 proved positive. Among those who tested positive 10,295 have recovered and 269 have succumbed to Covid 19 related complications.

To put that in perspective, 98.7% percent of the tests were negative with 1.3% positive. In the 1.3% positive cases the reported recovery rate is 91.4% and the death rate is 3.8% with remaining cases still active.

Applying those numbers to the total population of South Korea, the average South Korean has a 0.022% chance of contracting the virus and a 0.0005% chance of dying from it. Those are the risk factors you need to consider when weighing the pluses and minuses of a continued suppression of the normal functions of everyday life for the overwhelming majority of the Korean people.

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An excellent post Kuya - Does indeed put it all in perspective and lays further weight to the effect and usefulness of FULL lockdowns - which @Ashley Shiba, apart from the in the city of Daegu briefly, South Korean never implemented. So, what course are you referring to? The Citizems of Korea have been folllwing social distancing rules and the closure of bars etc - Pretty much the same as here.

By far the biggest differemce has been the testing, but more importantly the track and tracing system. This however does only work if you implement it at the very start of the epidemic and make sure eveybody signs up to it.

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