South Korea launches homegrown submarine-launched ballistic missile: report


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More bombs. Me thinks its not the answer.

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Good for them I guess, but the JMSDF Taigei-class submarines, launched next year, will have weapons systems to have the SK - and all other regional navies - well and truly covered.

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Nothing like a new weapon race to allay any fears that the human race hasn’t learned from its past mistakes

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Not that I can think of any other solution with the China behemoth breathing down everyone’s neck right now

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Every country needs to be able to defend itself.

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Considering North Korea's continuous advancement in this area it's only natural that South Korea should respond in kind.

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"My phallus is bigger than your phallus..."

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Prove it. Impressive that they have made this leap. I think it is only a matter of time before NK collapses.

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Time for the US to withdraw from SK. I am sure they can make a great success of it.

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Time to hold N. Korean targets at risk. This is a just move by the South.

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That’s not only something to watch, but something to hurry up and act. Do you naively think, they go with it for their own people in the north, do you?

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Is this against North or Japan?

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Time for Japan to have missiles that can hit both North Korea and China.

What makes you think they don't already?

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Its about time south Korea did something anyway.

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Can’t blame SK for being nervous with the loonatic NK regime and the paranoid Kim royal family sitting next door.

KennyG, no despite your efforts to sow discord and the stupidity of politicians, SK is still allied to Japan and their military know full well the real threat lies to the north and potentially west.

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Share the technology and costs with Government of japan, they are both complementary.

Japan has advanced capabilities in next generation technology.

Both Governments are missing a opportunity here.

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Mutual Assured Destruction

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But SK is missing the big, big deterrent found at the pointy end of most other countries' SLBMs. For now.

Six non-nuclear missiles might take out a few city blocks. One nuclear missile will take out a whole city.

Does SK have nuclear reactors? I can't believe they would go to the effort of building this SLBM technology without planning to have the traditional weapon on it. Maybe they don't trust Mr. Biden to honor the treaty and defend South Korea anymore?

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Sal Affist, reading on other sites, they are not designed to blow up cities but to penetrate deeply with a large conventional warhead to smash up missile bunkers and control centres.

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JMSDF Taigei-class submarines, launched next year, will have weapons systems to have the SK

No it doesn't.

@Robert N

Time for the US to withdraw from SK. I am sure they can make a great success of it.

The reason the US is in Korea is for its own benefit, ie closest US bases to Beijing. Not because Korea needs it.


Is this against North or Japan?

Japan. All of North Korea and Beijing was covered by existing ballistic missiles, but Tokyo fell short by 50 km or something under the missile guideline that US imposed, and this is why Koreans were working on this SLBM and an air-launched ballistic missile system.

Korea no longer needs this SLBM because Korea can now directly reach Tokyo with ballistic missiles from mainland Korea after the guideline was removed by Biden.


Share the technology and costs with Government of japan, they are both complementary.

It's illegal to transfer ballistic missile technology with a range of 300 km or greater under MTCR, which Japan is a signatory, even if Tokyo wasn't the target.

@Sal Affist

Does SK have nuclear reactors?

Yes, the announce for the nuclear submarine program is coming before the end of year after Biden administration agreed to sell 20% enriched uranium to Korea.

Korea apparently managed to persuade the US to agree to its nuclear submarine program under the claim that nuclear subs were absolutely needed to escort the carrier battle group that the US was asking Korea to build, and the US agreed.

So Japan might be able to get a similar deal by claiming that nuclear submarines were a must for its carrier battle group.

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If your most serious enemy is just 1 cm from your own border, why would you need these highly expensive weapons, not to mention submarines at all? Any decent ballistic missile today could reach anywhere in Bukhan from mobile land based platforms in Hanguk and could even carry their new three ton ground penetrating bomba. Oh wait...besides being as insane as many of these comments, they are VERY expensive and Hanguk's parasites would want to keep parity with all of the other parasitic arms producers in our world. The three most important priorities of Humanity by resources devoted to them, feeding, reproducing, and mass murdering our fellow Humans. Explain 'intelligence' to me again...? Or 'education'? Crazed, denuded apes I already understand...

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The Missile Technology Control Regime at a Glance.....

Open to interpretation, however the underlining need to limit prolific of what can be described as short medium range is valid and clear.

The issue here, the Government of China ignores it.

It appears the rules don't apply to the Government of China only when it suits them.

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