South Korea urges North to restore hotlines for any talks


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After Saddam Assad, and Gaddafi, The world has two new THUGS now, Xi and Kim.

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Kim Yo Jong, the powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said Saturday the two Koreas can take steps toward reconciliation if South Korea abandons “hostile polices” and “double-dealing standards.”

It's stupidity to believe anything the kims' say.

They keep buying time with false promises only to break them later.

I wish unification happens, the people of the North have suffered enough.

But it cannot happen as long as the kims remain in N.Korea.

Fun fact: I've been to the spot shown in the pictures and bought a piece of the old barbed wire used in the fence. If the two Koreas unite that might be worth good money!

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Unification is a nice dream, but I'm doubtful it will happen in my lifetime. NK just wants its cake and eat it too. They will not ever sacrifice anything on their side for peace. Not to mention they want SK to join them, not the other way around, and I doubt SK would want to join NK.

So regardless of all the talk of unification, it will not happen. Kim and NK will never give up their power.

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Unification Ministry called Kim Yo Jong’s statement “meaningful" . . .

So, Kim Yo Jong is NOW the voice of reason and sanity?

Wonders never cease!

Seems like only earlier this year (literally) that she was acting the part of some sleep-deprived deranged squirrel, who has had WAY too many Tequila shots as of late. *

Nice acting job! **

So, North Korea wants to talk?


Talk already!

Just drop the precondition nonsense!

What's with all the preconditions, anyway? Always, it's the same thing from you: "Behave the way I want, and do what I say, and I'll consider acknowledging your odious presence long enough to endure speaking to you!" "Here, boy, fetch!"

Want to pretend that everybody else on the planet needs you more than we need you? Fine! You are the Center of the Known Universe? So, what's new? Want to pretend that you face imminent invasion by aggressor foreign capitalist armys because you are Heaven-On-Earth and SO wonderful? Oldie but a goodie!

Want to pretend that your economy isn't a total wreck? That your GDP didn't actually contract last year by 4.5%? That your 2021 crop yields are not a mere fraction of what they should be? That your COVID-infected people don't face another period of potential starvation and want of all basics of life? Sure thing!

Just cut out the drama. And the circus noise. Stop launching junk into our oceans (what is Korean for "pollution"?). Stop the insane puppet show of playing country against country and political party against political party. Stop trying to hack into anyone with an Internet broadband connection (get in line behind all the tech-smart children of the world). 

Just calmly tell the world what it is you want and need, and what you are willing to give up in exchange (spoiler alert: likely your wildcat amazingly expensive nuclear weapons program, the gradual elimination of ALL of your weapons of mass destruction (we know people who will help you get rid of them, safely, without leaving big glowing craters in the earth), and no more efforts to sell or give nuclear technology to the world's nut-job regimes).

In kind, you will likely find a world that will be friendly, courteous, responsive, and will be generally delighted to see you act like you really want to be a part of the international community. Want money? Printed! Zero percent interest rate on loans? Sing! Want to trade? Snap! Want to be all Holier-Than-Thou about the world's dysfunctional politics? Join the club! Selfies with all of today's top celebrities? Poolside! Want to sniff loudly and complain about human rights abuses and excessive carbon / greenhouse emissions by others? Who doesn't!

Just one thing: You do have a history of acting pretty deranged and almost totally unreliable, so don't expect too much, at least at first.

If we can all agree on matters of real substance, you can even tell the people of North Korea (and anyone else who will still listen to the party line, after so many years of bizarre press spewing out your weird worldview) that your heroic, tireless efforts worked! That your inspired leadership finally drove the world's beast-like scum militaristic capitalist exploiters to their knees. And the scum finally came to their senses, and caved in to your demands? Sure, we'll go with that. 

Just bring your ideas to the table and talk with sincerity and honor.

Don't drink and drive.

** Kids: She isn't a good role model . . . yet!

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