South Korea, U.S. sign new cost-sharing deal for U.S. troops


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Last year, South Korea provided about $830 million

Yonhap news agency reported that South Korea will provide about 1.04 trillion won ($924 million) in 2019

More winning!

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Is that really considered more winning? Wining for South Korea. When you take into account pay increases, inflation, and the rising cost of upkeep they are now paying a smaller percentage than before.

Also, America is in South Korea to protect its own interests as well. So it’s now like they are in Korea out of the goodness of its heart.

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Not even 50% of the cost. Real winning there. HAR! Oh my . . . TEE HEE!

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So the US should shoulder 100% of the burden since the benefits of avoiding a war is so valuable.

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So the US should shoulder 100% of the burden since the benefits of avoiding a war is so valuable. Tee Hee! HAR! Oh my . . .

Heck, don't stop there, Chip, the U.S. should pay twice that as compensation for the burden of having troops causing trouble there!

Honestly it's almost criminal how little credit the anti-Trumpers give Trump. Can't even acknowledge one good thing he's done. If you're among the sheep that watch nothing but CNN or MSNBC or John Oliver or Colbert you would think he's the most ineffective president ever.

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I’m in favor of avoiding war to protect my own interests there. That account I opened there in college and still transfer to has been one of my smartest moves.

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As for the winning part. I asked. Who is winning. You never clarified that remark.

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It's almost like Trump has had business dealings with Asian cultures, so he understands how to with them.

Huh. Who would've thought.

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You cannot simultaneously claim that host nations should pay more and that Trump is winning when he gets less. Intellectual capacity is critical to understanding the contradiction.

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Paying for the privilage of being occupied. Brilliant !

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Who got less? Got more than last year. Winning!

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Could be considered paying for the privilege of being occupied or not paying the full defensive costs of defending yourself.

As for the Trump thing. Korea is now paying less than it was before for the cost of hosting U.S. troops. Trump said they would pay 100%.

On the bright side. South Korea is paying 90% of the cost to relocate the troops from Seoul. But that can also be considered a win for them by keeping their people happy. US troops in Seoul are constantly in trouble in Seoul. The troops located in other parts of Korea tend to be more under the radar. Even when I studied abroad there, the troops in Seoul were like college frat guys. Partying, drinking, and fighting in Itaewon every night.

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So 924 million is less than 830 million in liberal math class? It’s no wonder you can’t figure out how to pay for any of your social justice programs other than taxing the “tippy top” of rich people.

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The U.S. is receiving more money from last year. However, South Korea is still paying a lower percentage because of rising costs.

1) Troop salary increases.

2) Troop upkeep increases.

3) They are increasing the troop amount by 2,000 additional troops.

That equals. More money but a lower percentage.

Example. This is fake.

Total cost was 1B in 2018

US pays 600M

Korea pays 400M

Total cost is 1.3B in 2019

US pays 800M

Korea pays 500M

Yes you received more money. But you are receiving a smaller sum overall based on rising cost.

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South Korea paying to support US global dictatorship! South Korea paying the occupier. If it wasn't for US troops and bases in South Korea there would be no threat. The biggest threat is the US dragging South Korea into a war. The US will never allow unification of the two Koreas as this is used as an excuse for having US basis there.

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Very nice breakdown with a full understanding of how things work.

Only problem is that if Trump asked for 1 billion that couldn’t be “Trump asked for 100% and didn’t get it”. if the previous 830 million payment was 40% then 100% would be much more than 1 billion, almost 2 billion actually.

But still actual facts and logic, I could get used to that, thanks for sharing.

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Even when I studied abroad there, the troops in Seoul were like college frat guys. Partying, drinking, and fighting in Itaewon every night.

I hope you appreciated the U.S. troops putting their lives on the line and making it possible for you to study there.

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The next meeting after this one should be held in the Ryugyong Hotel after Trump renovates it.

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The main win for host countries is having US blood there as a deterrent to invasion. I'm less certain that having US weapons is helpful, except to countries next to Russia.

I bet Ukraine would be a different place today, perhaps still Ukrainian?

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This only shows how dumb Japan can be when it comes to negotiating deals with foreign countries.

Japan is the only country to pay more than %70 of the cost for US troops station there. Germany got a better deal, S. Korea a country devided at possible war at any point pays 1/3 what Japan pays. Who negotiates this terrible deals for Japan? They should be fired

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Like paying the Mafias and their blackmail deals? How can these countries Germany,Japan,South Korea...etc so naïve?

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