South Korean justice minister resigns during finance probe


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A SK politician embroiled in a scandal involving money? Who would've ever thought it eh?

I wonder what anti Japanese campaign Moon will think up next to distract the SK population......

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Comforting to know the neighbours are having the same problems. It's not just Abe and Trump then.

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So I take it that within days some "comfort women/war-time compensation/Anti-Japanese" issue will be drummed up by Moon to distract the S.Koreans and divert their attention towards Japan and away from their own failed politics?

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Yes sir, wonder what Moon has in store the coming weeks in order to distract from the utter corruption, hypocrisy, and inanity that are the hallmarks of his administration.

Hmm, it has been a while since there's been any news on the South Korean boycott and anti-Japan protests....

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So, US-controlled prosecutors won over President Moon-controlled prosecutors.

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On this occasion, Korean people grew more. There are people who support certain groups unconditionally, but many middle-class people follow the interests of the individual.

Because they don't believe that what they say is unconditionally right, this time I learned which party thinks more about the interests of the people and the country.

Political parties are just a window to politics.

I'm better aware of who the politicians are working for.

This time, the Korean people

The relationship between the party and the prosecution The prosecution and media relations can change how important one person's testimony can change, how it can divide public opinion, and it can be me, so I can't believe what the media and politicians are saying, so everything needs to be confirmed as a whole. I realized there was.

in short. The Secretary of State is leaving, but he teaches many people.

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South Korea's prosecutors do not lack materials they need to arrest their politicians and business people. Their two presidents are still in jail. There is one thing common in South Korea and in Japan. That is the tradition of "gifts"  and nepotism. It seems the tendency is a lot stronger in South Korea than in Japan. I think this has something to do confucianism  which teaching is unindividualistic.

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"I concluded that I should no longer burden the president and the government with issues surrounding my family," Cho said in an emailed statement. "I think the time has come that the completion of efforts to reform the prosecution would only be possible if I step down from my position."


No. It is not just the prosecution but entire Justice system in your country that is problem.



Don’t even try to raise “ separation of powers in democracy” while you see the problems in there if you are to deal with International LAW.

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A SK politician embroiled in a scandal involving money?

It's not about him, but about his wife and children.

Cho was just a esteemed law professor all his life, who got into politics as a policy advisor.

Sadly, he had a wife(Also a professor) who bent the rules to enrich herself and get her children ahead in Korea's college entrance system that has zero tolerance for cheating.

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Why is the Japanese media so much interested in the domestic issue of S. Korea?

The resignation of Cho means that demagogues such as Trump are still popular and effective around the world, including S. Korea. The coordinated attacks by the 4 major conservative groups (the media, the prosecutors, the minor Liberty Korea Party, and the corrupted Koreanized Christians) on the reformists (e.g., Moon and Cho) seem to have been successful now, at least momentarily. S. Koreans are as easily brainwashed by the media as Japaneses, at least temporarily.

However, it is not yet ended. Most S. Koreans clearly recognized what is the problems of the media and the prosecutors, which are uncontrollable by the law. A new legislation is required to reform the prosecutors, which will lead to revolutionary changes in press companies, whose influence and finance has dwindled during the past 20 years due to the internet and the Social Network System. Unlike the U.S., in which most newspaper companies went bankrupt (e.g. Newsweek, the Chicago Tribune, and even the Washington Post, only rescued by Jeff Bezos), most of Korean media companies have surprisingly survived well. The SNS is increasingly influential in S. Korea whereas the traditional newspaper companies continue to loose their subscribers. However, oddly, the newspapers are still prosperous in S. Korea (and Japan, too).

If you can guess how they could survive so well, you now understand the political topography of S. Korea, and its future.

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OMG, justice minister resigned ? Does it mean that an injustice minister will be promoted ?

Yes, because that's logical.

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