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Southeast Asian summit breaks up in acrimony


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Days of heated diplomacy ended in failure as splits over territorial disputes with China prevented Southeast Asian nations from issuing their customary joint statement

This is definately a spike in eye for Hillary from China after their defense secretary Panetta talks like John Wayne at China not too long ago! A US aircraft carrier is docked in Hong Kong playing gunboat policy but nobody in south east asia believes this is 'biting'! Because their stick is too nimble.

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Haha, Cambodia has shown its hand as a puppet.

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Haha, Cambodia has shown its hand as a puppet.

Shouldn't that be, "China has revealed that it is ITS hand animating the Cambodia puppet"?

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in terms of being puppeteers, china still has a long ways to go before reaching the level of the u.s.

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This is really a good warning to Vietnam and the Phillipines who wished to use ASEAN being a platform to make their claims in south China sea if they see there is a NATO in SE asia!

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Poor China.

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No wonder so many of these nations want the US to continue its current status as peace enforcer...

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Looks like it's not only Japan which seems to not be looking eye to eye with the good ole People Republic. In fact, the Senkaku (Diaoyutai) dispute is only one of the many territorial disputes that China is having with her neighbors.

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When the small nations are largely manipulated inckuding not only Cambodis but also the Philippines -- Japan, further to the incident started months ago, donated 12 naval vessels free of charge & promised training if backup training of patrol techniques by SDF.. ; the US kept lip-service as 'neutral' albeit everybody knows their intention to stir rivalry among nations to justify their so-called the U.S' return to Asia. The Philippine Govt, a bit cunning, want to 'modernize' its WWII era arsenal by inviting itself to be the epicenter of the big powers playground for financial support via military bases, free-of-charge weapons... ( big gamble )

Torn between the big powers, the Asean's 'internal' meeting turned out to be a battle field with the explicit presence of big powers behind / in front of the scenes.. Regretful

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