SpaceX rocket lifts off on historic private crewed flight


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Well, they made space flight look like flying first class.

They made it to t+2 which means it's time to call it! At this point if anything goes wrong the astronauts can make it back with the safety systems THIS capsule (the first in history to have them) has.

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Well done! America is back in the business of space launches.

The first booster stage of the rocket separated cleanly and landed upright on a barge off the Atlantic coast.

Elon Musk is a genius.

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The monotone kind of bothers me, but whichever way you cut this cake, the whole achievement so far is pretty damn cool.

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If you missed the rocket landing today because the feed cut, Here it is

It does look like the same rocket, but what you can't see in this feed is that it looked damaged and was leaning. The side facing the camera in the live feed (after it came back) was badly scorched and despite being on a flat surface on the boat, it was leaning. We'll see if they use it again I guess. They can probably at least take parts from it.

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@The Avenger,

Thanks for the link. There's another view of the landing here taken from the cpaceship itself. (It's not in real time and is speeded up.)

The name of the barge it landed on is, "Of Course I Still Love You". The other barge on the Pacific side is named, "Just Read The Instructions". The weird names come from super-intelligent ships that feature in an Iain M Banks novel. I guess Elon Musk is a fan of his books. I am too.

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To launch and recover rockets will lead to the US becoming a leader in the next space race that is coming!

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Finally, modern-looking non-bulky space suits and touchscreen controls, lol

And yet, not as expensive too, as a private enterprise with reusable boosters

If it becomes economical enough, other countries would rather use it too, than waste taxpayer money on more expensive yet decades-old rocket technology that was designed in the bygone Cold War

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nobody does it like us," Trump said.

As if he had anything to do with it. Or you. Or me.

Can't this blowhard just congratulate those people and not try and steal valor?

Anyway, the company is headed by a man who is a triple citizen of Canada and South Africa as well as the U.S.

And if Space X is lacking in non-American staff its because of government regulations on rocket technology forcing it to be that way. Elon Musk complained about this in 2016.

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