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Spain's prime minister says he will propose that parliament recognizes a Palestinian state


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Let Bibi government hear what they don't want to hear. I am of opinion that this is the right move that could be initiated by the international community with a view to settling with a two state solution, maybe in 50 years. I hope Israeli people, if they seek sustainable stability and peace, would put the extremist right wing under control through democracy. But in my mind, a big question remains, amongst a lot, on what to do with the Jewish settlements, which have been considerably expanded throughout West Bank to the extent that almost nothing is left for Palestinians to govern.

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Well done for him. It’s the right thing to do. It’s Palestine's land and their country.

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 Like the resistance movements in countries occupied by the Germans?

Huh? Gaza wasn't "occupied" when the attacks on Israel took place. The Israelis left in 2005, so that the Gazans could rule themselves and choose their own leaders. And that's how Hamas took power.

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Take care of Spain first..

Too much african and muslim illegal immigration..

Congrats on packing so much racism, hatred and bigotry into such a concise comment.

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a European thing

I like to think of it as a people thing, but the Europeans certainly excelled at it.

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They just want to participate in terror.

What? Like the resistance movements in countries occupied by the Germans? No, we all know perfectly well why the PLO, now Hamas took to "terror". One never has to look far to understand political violence - no arcane math is involved as in astrophysics. It's just human nature, innit? The brutal attack on the population of Gaza ain't rocket science, either. It's ethnic cleansing 101 - a European thing, as the Jews themselves know better than most, having learned from bitter experience. Gaza and the West Bank will be the "Mark of Cain" on the Israelis and their allies and this stain will be the legacy of shame for many, many generations.

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Could be awkward if the PLO is replaced with Hamas in the West Bank and now these countries have to deal with Hamas with an ambassador and everything.

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They need victims first before recognize as a state? However this is a progress.


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