Spain to count drugs, prostitution when measuring GDP


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I think its shameful to put money earned with sex into GDP, and also drug traffic, that kills and destroy life's, on one way or another , is also shameful, this only proves how European politicians have no moral .

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Oh dear. When you sell a second hand car to someone else, the sale will not be added to the GDP calculation in my economic book, only a new car sale goes to the GDP.

Stay away from Spain as the GDP number does not represent the true national output. I guess Spain does not see what's coming ahead. Pot sales in Colorado do not go to the GDP number. FYI.

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Spain is heading in the same direction as an increasing number of countries and American states. The loss of revenue and constant creation of a criminal class through prohibition cannot go on indefinitely, it hurts the people and the nation. Breaking news that "Jamaica to decriminalize personal marijuana possession", could not be possible without American approval as Jamaica sits well within 100 miles of the American coast. So, this is Good News for Jamaica, for Rastafari who use Ganja as a holy sacrament, for medical users and the casual, recreational user. This will take a pressure off the people, the prisons and the police. Now that the U.S.A. is starting to ease up on herb in many states, the Jamaican Ganja Industry should start preparing for legally supplying America as soon as the social, economic and legal conditions arise. Jamaica has long had the reputation of having the best herb in the world, now maybe is the time to cash in on that good name and help push back the rise of genetically modified skunk by the promotion of good wholesome natural weed. Spain also is blest with a good climate so it wouldn't be surprising to see them fully cash in on their assets and aid the economy.

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Not very ethical in my opinion. And not national growth minded either. Liberalism.....

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MarkGJun. 13, 2014 - 12:40PM JST

Not very ethical in my opinion. And not national growth minded either. Liberalism.....

I do not mean to, but this has nothing to do with the Liberalism. Liberalism in GDP?

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In other words Eurozone members are going to lie about their actual GDP numbers.

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