Spies called in as cyberattacks again halt NZ stock exchange


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Severe cyber-attacks have forced New Zealand's stock exchange to halt trading for a 4th straight day. This is absolutely serious, it can happen in any other country any time. If massive similar attacks were to take place in the first world, the markets could just collapse subsequently in no time, more so in this defining time.. Be vigilant and alert...

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If it’s found to be state sponsored economic terrorism, the response should be swift and punitive. It’s odds on though that as per usual they’ll let things slide. This only serves to embolden those responsible, normalising this level of mischief and raising the ante once again, all the while antagonising and contributing to the radicalisation of the people at home. Of course, the other side brooks no interference whatsoever and has zero compunction about locking people up and throwing away the key if they happen to get on their wrong side or fail to pay the right people.

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No mention in this article of the cryptocurrency ransom being asked for believed to be russian hackers.

Seems to me the NZSX should have had better security running and some security people saying its laughable being as how they were warned recently about the lack of.

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Experts have told local media possibilities include a state-sponsored incursion, online activists with an anti-capitalist agenda such as Anonymous, or a criminal enterprise seeking a ransom.

It has to be China, they’ve been doing this for quite sometime.

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A North Korean hacked the Bangladesh Bank stealing 2Bln.$ not so long ago.

We should take security much seriously from now on.

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Could be anyone. My money is on wumao affiliates or DPRK agencies.

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NZX reaches all-time high while being cyberattacked four days running. Strange times. Maybe a good time to cash in me thinks.

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If it’s found to be state sponsored economic terrorism, the response should be swift and punitive. It’s odds on though that as per usual they’ll let things slide.

What could New Zealand do to hurt the most likely suspects such as China, Russia, Iran, North Korea or Syria? Nothing. Not one darn thing. New Zealand doesn't even bother to have fighter aircraft to protect its airspace. The Chinese could sail one of their aircraft carriers down there and do as they wished, powerless to stop them. Looks like the Five Eyes just had finger poked in one ...... repeatedly.

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I suspect it is one of the communist countries mentioned earlier. The question is which country is currently hurting the most? And what do they want that NZ has?

I have also read that NZ was becoming a tech capital. Maybe this stunt was to scare off any would be tech investors by their competitors. It could also be a hacker group just trying to teach NZ a lesson to get their cyber security affairs in order.

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The only solution to surviving a DDoS is to have larger pipes than the opponent has. Most opponents will have taken over millions of consumer devices and can flood an entire company's

Very few entities can do that. The only solution is to pay a content distribution system to become the front-end for all inbound traffic, take the massive traffic, redirecting as much as possible, into a black hole, away from the real services. Before an attack starts, these services are affordable, but not cheap. After an attack starts, few will agree to take on the challenge.

Some more reading: This was paid for by crackers unhappy with Brian Krebs writing articles about their exploits online.

Myanmar (the entire country) was knocked off the internet through a DDoS: This was clearly to impact the local election.

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