Cosby plans tour to educate youth on misbehavior


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Bill Cosby has zero authority to lecture anyone about misbehaving. Repugnant.

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Takes one to know one.

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england...jimmy. us...bill. if you are so rich you can do anything.

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Here's what's shocking: when the jurors first went into the deliberation room, they took a straw vote -- non-binding -- and overwhelmingly voted to find Cosby not guilty.

But in the end, the final vote was 10-2 to convict Cosby on 2 counts of sexual assault - (1) they believed he digitally penetrated Andrea Constand without her consent, and (2) also believed he drugged her. The 2 jurors who felt Cosby was not guilty were not budging, so a mistrial was declared.

On the last count, (3) that she was unconscious or unaware -- the vote was 11 - 1 in favor of acquittal.

Reportedly, it got super heated in the deliberation room, which was so small jurors couldn't even pace, and a juror even punched the wall breaking a knuckle.

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He's either got a lot of guts, or a lot of nerve, to do what he says he's going to do.

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He's got a hell of a sense of humour. I think we can all agree on that.

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Role model, never. Mental, sure!

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Great. A serial druggist rapist to tell kids how to behave

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Bil Cosby is utterly disgusting and morally repugnant. If this rapist went near my children I would break his face.

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Unbelievable! What nerve. If I were him, I would take a very, very long vacation from the public eye, be the best thing for everyone

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