Srebrenica ceremonies marred by attack on Serbia's premier


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I spent six months In Bosnia, and have been to Srebrecina a couple of times. It's a tiny town surrounded closely by very steep hills, and had no military significance. The Serbs, used heavy weapons supplied by the Russians to slaughter the defenseless civilian residents. Literally shooting them like fish in a barrel. I even visited a little concrete building many of the men and boys were herded into, then machined gunned, hand grenaded, and burned to death. The women were very often raped and impregnated so they would bear Serb children.

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As a European I'm still ashamed by Srebrenica, how such horror was visited upon civilians just a nine hours' drive from Munich.

This violence can only be condemned. Perhaps its worth also noting that this weekend's Srebrenica commemorations in Serbia itself were banned (through fear, we are told, of violence from right wingers), and that three days ago, Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to declare the massacre as suicide.

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Aleksandar Vucic, a former ultranationalist during the Balkan wars but who is now a moderate with a pro-Western stance,

I understand the hatred for the man, or at least what he represents. But, seriously, looking at Japan and Korea, how the hate never dies, were I a Bosnian Muslim, I would grit my teeth and say to the man:

"Welcome. Ain't the water fine over here."

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a UN Security Council resolution to declare the massacre as suicide.

Mea culpa. That should read:

a UN Security Council resolution to declare the massacre as genocide.

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A crowd of furious Bosnian Muslims jumped over fences and attacked Serbia’s prime minister with stones and water bottles

He made a mistake coming there.

Just loosing his face and his time

Furious Muslims... o la la...

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