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Sri Lanka arrests 40 suspects after bombings, toll up to 310


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Oh dear, more carnage from the followers of ‘radical Islam’

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"International intelligence agencies had warned that the little-known group, National Thowfeek Jamaath, was planning attacks," Was it the CIA the intelligence agency that warned of the attack? Did the CIA have a hand in the attack (finance, training etc.?). What has Sri Lanka got that the US wants? Does the US have or want a military base in Sri Lanka?

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The motive for this attack seems strange even for Muslim Extremists, Muslims cop more flak from Buddhists, even the Tamils have attacked the Muslims in Sri Lanka and yet the attacks are against Christian Churches whom there has been very little trouble.

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This will make the lives for muslims even more unbearable.

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Sri Lanka is a hardly a major player in the world, why were the people a target ?

Extremists don’t think logically though, do they.....

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It could have been because of what happened in NZ.

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It could have been because of what happened in NZ.

It's been suggested by some Sri Lankan authorities that it was a revenge attack. I do have my doubts though. The group that allegedly carried out the attacks had come to the attention of and been reported by Muslim leaders to authorities. It seems like the authorities are trying to take attention off their own failings.

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According to the BBC "ISIS" Claimed that it was, because of what happened in NZ!

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"We believe [the massacre] was carried out by an extreme Islamist group as a reprisal to the Christchurch mosque massacre in New Zealand," Sri Lanka's state minister for defence Ruwan Wijewardene said in a statement to parliament, shortly before Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bombing.

He stated that before IS claimed responsibility.

Wijewardene did not provide evidence or explain the source of the information. Terrorism researchers have suggested it could have taken months to plan the coordinated bombings. 

Christchurch might have been the trigger but I have a feeling this would have happened with or without the events in Christchurch.

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But whatever "side" people are on... this isn't good for anyone.

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Not, the extremists, who are willing to die anyway for their brainwashed cause, but those... who sit in the background, in relative safety, and support them Financially, as they... are the ones who should be taken out.

That, is the action, that should be demanded now.

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Who within the 1% are funding these Terrorists ?

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When you blow yourself up, where does the money come from that goes to your family ? Who's following that ?

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There's no Innocents in Family, related to those Bombers. There's either complicity or cause.

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My heart goes out to those impacted, no words of condolence will help - your Grief is unimaginable, yet you are not alone. And, should not be left alone feeling abandoned, those whom planned these atrocities should be hunted down Globally, and eliminated - this isn't a Religious thing - but a matter of Humanity - the freedom to exist as a Person, a Law abiding citizen (or visitor), regardless of age, without being blown up needlessly.

France,. US, UK, Iran, North Korea, Japan, .. Israel & Palestine, wherever... we deserve the right, to live and not be subjected to your own personal agenda's..

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Nothing will change until the US is isolated. All the discord, all the instability in the world can be blamed on one thing; US foreign policy, US march for world domination.

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