Trump proposes U.S. military space force


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Space Cadet Bone Spurs

Somebody pull the idiot-in-chief aside and explain that we already have a USAF Space Command headquartered at Peterson AFB in Colorado. Serious people doing serious military work in outer space. And, for the hideously incurious and under-read idiot-in-chief, the US military has a history back to the late 1950's of imaginative planning for space warfare. A quick perusal of the early plans for a lunar military base might get an "oh...never mind" from him.

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.... wait you telling me that asteroids and space dust needs freedom???

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"We're going to build a space wall, and Mars is going to pay for it."

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You can't win a war on the ground, what makes you think you can win in space ?

Also : there is no oil there.

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Ground control to major Don. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

How much is this gonna cost? I mean there are always three costs right?

What it will really cost. (less than they tell us)

What it will eventually cost. (Never less than what they tell us)

What it will really cost. (meaning much of the cost will actually be spent on something else entirely that we ain't supposed to know about?)

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"Space is for exploration and lifting up humanity," Newman said. "We should learn from our mistakes on Earth and keep space peaceful."

Except, we never do learn from our mistakes. We are doomed to repeat them evermore.

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And what, use Russian rockets to get the space troopers there?


3 ( +5 / -2 )

Trump's brain is in a galaxy far, far away.

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Well, with Hollywood bereft of novel ideas I suppose a reboot of the movie Spaceballs is inevitable.

Trump as Darkhelmet (or Yellowhelmet or even more aptly just "Helmet") and Putin as president Skroob. I smell a winner.

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And what, use Russian rockets to get the space troopers there?

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At least he is consistent -- all of his ideas are APPALLING!!

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I propose sending Trump into space, just for larks.

He'd feel at home when the Vogons come to pick him up.

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"I have a dream" a Trump Tower in space!

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I don't see the reason for all the negativity here. Having a military presence in space is a no brainer for the US, not least because all their military satellites which their terrestrial forces rely on are all in space.

China and Russia both have armed satellites already that can launch projectiles against US satellites and destroy them, so not responding to this threat would be opening the country up to attack and conventional warfare inferiority.

In fact, ground, naval and air forces rely on military satellites so much, that losing these satellites would in effect cripple them completely and make them instantly obsolete against powers who are able to retain their satellites

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Don Trump in new space serial.... ‘FLASH MORON’ .

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Trump knows how easy it is to manipulate the media. This is just another way of taking attention away from the Mueller investigations and his connections with Russia. And of course take attention away from Stormy Daniels and the women he's been accused of abusing. And of course from his expensive golf games paid for by taxpayers. And the careening clown car he's driving, pushing the US faster down a slippery slope.

Why does Putin seem to have such powerful control of the Trump-Kushner syndicate?

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Wasn’t Regan’s Star Wars program just trolling the USSR?

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Trump has more head fakes than an NFL running back.

Did this idea come straight from the boobs at Fox?

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I guess whoever gets to Mars first can lay claim upon the whole planet... so you'll need some form of Space force to take it from them.

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Cost? Trump will. Join TPP, demand member countries to purchase made in USA cars. Then project abolished.

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Some idiot on Air Force One must have played Starship Troopers for him.

Now, he's wandering around the White House in his bathrobe going "pew pew".

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So spend taxpayer money on space wars and spend no money on health, education, homelessness, gun crime, infrastructure, tax havens...

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"But don't expect Captain Kirk ordering phasers set on stun"

Pffft! Kirk is gonna fire a full spread of photon torpedoes if it becomes necessary!

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SC has been around a long time. Making it a separate force is expensive, so let's remove funding for the NSA and DHS first.

And privatizing the TSA would be good too. Power hungry departments need to be privatized.

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I think it is a great idea!

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"We're going to build a space wall, and Mars is going to pay for it."

On one side. Venus is going to pay for the other side.

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It’s a perfectly logical, forward thinking idea. We have had a “US Space Command” as part of our military since 1985.

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