Abbott elected Australian PM


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Rudd didn't stand a chance after all the debacle over the last 12 months. Not sure if Abbott will be better, but definitely a welcome change. I voted WikiLeaks for the Senate.

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Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss.... you know the rest.

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I will give Abbott 18 months before he is embroiled in some type of bizarre sex-scandal relating to his past...

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Let me be the first to congratulate Rupert Murdoch on his stunning victory.

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A great day for Australia. We'll actually have adults governing the country now.

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Abbott: "I now look forward to forming a government that is competent, that is trustworthy"

Haha.. Why start trying to be those things now when he's been neither for the last 4 years. It says a lot about Australian politics that someone with so little imagination or rational thought is the elected Prime Minister, and perhaps says so much more about the mob who have been voted out. Where are the competent and trustworthy politicians out there? My guess is that any who are intelligent and have good ideas are lampooned and crucified in the media, and only the bland and unimaginative who pull down rather than build up have any chance of surviving long enough to make it to the point of contesting an election. Sad indeed.

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The Australian Labor Party needs to go away and have a LOOOONG hard look at themselves after this.

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Look forward to a series of gaffs. Might even put George W to shame.

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Some countries (like Japan) have a strange definition for the word liberal. I wonder whether the word had a different meaning in the old days. It's like the word democratic - you can be sure any country with that word in it's full name is either communist or run by a dictator.

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A 1.5% swing is hardly a "landslide victory".

The likely outcome in the lower house will probably be: 89 seats to the Liberal/National coalition; 57 seats to the ALP; one seat to the Greens and two or three seats to Independents/minor parties (Bob Katter in the north, Andrew Wilkie (no relation) in Tasmania, and possibly an independent unseating Sophie Mirabella in Indi).

In the upper house, the new government will have to negotiate with senators from a hodge-podge of minor parties that are on the far, far right of the political spectrum. One of the minor parties is literally owned by a billionaire mining magnate. The others include an extremely religious party ("Family First") and something called the "Motoring Enthusiasts Party".

It should be an interesting three years...

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Hope Rudd resigns.

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@ Wilke - you forgot to mention crazy Clive Palmer who is also heading to Canberra! Yeah - will be an interesting term. The ALP did reasonably well to avoid the rout that was heading their way 3 months ago, and keeping their future leaders in their seats. Abbott will not get an easy ride in government, and nor should he.

The public is going to wake up eventually to the fact that many of Tony's policies were just hot air. Buying boats off Indonesian fishermen? Towing other boats "back where they came from"? Not.Going.To.Happen.

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I'm very glad Rudd is gone. He seemed to be a man with an eloquent way of speaking, but not much else. On a personal level I prefer Tony Abbott, but only time will tell if he is the man for the job. But on a very negative note, how could Clive Palmer get in? Chinese spies ... Titanic 2 ... He'll be the loose cannon in Australian politics to keep an eye on. I think they just voted him in out of desperation.

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Cricky, I fear that you are on the mark with your prediction.

I suspect a large part of this election wasn't necessarily about 'voting for the Liberal Party', as 'voting out the Labor Party'.

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I voted Abbott, he's my local MP, but he's also a bit of a moron.

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