Iran launches rocket into space as nuclear talks to resume


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The launch comes just a day after the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, traveled to Tehran in a push to resuscitate negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program that have stalemated for months. A few significant sticking points remain

The "sticking points" being Iran's insisting that the US actually start trying to comply with the deal, something that even Trump admitted Iran managed, before he stopped the pretence that the US intended to do so.

Note that Iran waited an entire year before invoking the snapback clause that allows a party that is in compliance to react to the noncompliance it is facing. Trump actually did try and use Iran's use of that clause to retroactively justify the still continuing American refusal to comply, only for ALL the other parties to reject the notion as ridiculous, though somehow Biden making the exact same argument is being treated as not ridiculous in the article.

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If the US had complied with the deal there would be no oil shortage now and Russia would have no ability to sway Europe because of its oil monopoly.. But No they want the oil shortage to drive up inflation so they can pay for all the money printed out of thin air over the last 10years and Iran gets demonized while Israel is allowed to bomb whoever they want and keep stealing Palestinian lands.

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Sanjino, the mindset that drove the US to obsessively, to the point of psychopathy, insist that one of the leading proponents of the banning of nuclear weapons is obsessively trying to develop nuclear weapons is what drove the US to overthrow the democraticallyelected government of Ukraine and create the conditions where Russia had to intervene in the former Ukraine, and why it backs the Axis of Antidemocracies in the ME with the same fervor it used to back the Axis of Antidemocracies that used to dominate Central and South America.

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They're trying to see if Israel has anything to shoot it down with

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It's unclear when or where the rocket was launched

They know when and where you made toast this morning. I’m guessing they know when and where a rocket was launched. Why is this a secret?

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Great news for the people of Iran who are suffering from sanctions.

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Rodney, enough of the population thought it worth the risk that the US government was past its obsession with punishing Iranians for freeing themselves to elect a government that was willing to risk that the US would keep its side of an agreement. The thing is that Obama, Trump, and now Biden made it clear that it won't.

Which is why Iran is becoming not just a major BRI player, it is developing it own transregional network in Latin America.

See Iran's partnership with Cuba and Venezuela.

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I don't know why people insist on treating Iran like they should get something. Iran is no better than N.Korea under Kim. All you have to do is see how much money the Khamenei actually "earns" through his hidden business groups. Only the corrupt and connected individuals in Iran get to live while the rest of the people suffer.

My Iranian co-worker was very clear in his statement, "I hope no-one will give Iran anything, because they WILL use it to keep themselves happy, and fund proxy terrorist groups outside the country, while the majority of Iranians remain poor and destitute."

When sanctions are up, the Iranian government tries to put support to it's people in order to "look" like they're prioritizing the well being of their people on the global stage. When sanctions are down, only the top government elite will divert the income into their own bank accounts. You would be surprised at how many of these "officials" in Iran send their children outside of the country to western nations to live comfortably and send loads of cash overseas.

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The White House on Sunday said it was committed to using sanctions and other measures to prevent further advances in Iran’s ballistic missile program.

Keep the pressure on this regime.

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HonestDictatorJune 27  10:33 pm JST

I don't know why people insist on treating Iran like they should get something.

Umm so you’re saying the US and it’s big business controlled Govt is not corrupt….wow just wow!

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Yet another example of successful sanctions against Iran.

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Yet another example of successful sanctions against Iran.

It's too bad we don't still have them in the fold, working with us, like Obama left the situation

Good job MAGA folk. Another one on you guys for being too stupid to recognize clear incompetence.

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