U.S. states easing virus restrictions despite experts' warnings


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Slow uptake on the experimental vaccines. Virus survival rate 99%.

no brainer

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The message that masks, distancing, and self-quarantines are still needed is falling flat. We hear vaccine, vaccine, vaccine .... though only fairly limited groups can actually get vaccinated today. There is a huge line for over 65 yr olds in every state. It will be a few more months before those most at risk who can and want to be vaccinated, can.

Plus, the health workers who delayed vaccination - they didn't want to be early test subjects in the first 20M vaccines - will start lining up.

Biden's 100M shots means only 50M people for the most part. 50M of 330M in the country ... 15%. Need to get to 60% vaccinated for herd immunity to begin.

Plus the viruses are mutating. Some of the vaccines are less effective than others against those mutations. The normal answer for that is to get so many people vaccinated that mutations can't happen. All the virus strains die out first.

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Slow uptake on the experimental vaccines. Virus survival rate 99%.

Slow uptake on vaccines would have the opposite effect, it would be much more understandable if restrictions were being lifted if everybody was already vaccinated.

Also, general survival rate is not 99% (specially with widespread uncontrolled infection).

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Oh, so Trump and wife got vaccinated in January and told no one...his cult did not know.

LOL, the fog of his actions is typical as his minions are still arguing against the vaccine, assuming Trump was against it.

How dumb, like the insurrection, Trump gaslights his own supporters and doesn't say what his actions prove otherwise.

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U.S. states easing virus restrictions despite experts' warnings

The "experts" can not agree with each other and have been changing their minds many times. There is no correlation between "lockdowns" and Corona rates (note: highest rate in NY with lockdowns and lowest rate in South Dakota without lockdowns).

However, nobody disputes that there is a correlation between lockdowns and the economy as well as mental health. In what way does it help anyone to make people unemployed and sick?

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