Strauss-Kahn charged over prostitution vice ring involvement


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I find the pimping charge against Strauss-Kahn to be a completely vengeful and politically motived misapplication of the law. I hope the people behind it get arrested and investigated themselves.

But I hope Diallo's civil suit will force Strauss-Kahn to actually make a statement on his version of what happened. He keeps dodging that. Why? He admits he took part in these sex parties, but he refused to explain how his DNA got on Diallo's uniform? Right. What's he hiding?

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100,000 Euros? wasn't he paying that per night in NY while he awaited to be set free? The guy has a very fat wallet!

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Japangal, that's not a fat wallet - he's just happy to see you.

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Why is everyone going after this guy. Who will help him? Or will people accuse him forever

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IIRC, prostitution is legal in France, but it's illegal when it gets to the level of pimping. So he must be really into it for them to come after him. And who can really blame him for Banon, right?

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"So he must be really into it for them to come after him."

Nah, they're really into him several months before a general election that he could have won. The charge isn't pimping, it's providing hookers for your mates.

"And who can really blame him for Banon, right?"

I think she puffed up the incident to make a name for herself after a poor career in journalism. The book will follow.

Sur, DSK is a sex fiend and probably the sadistic type, but anyone thinking the charges aren't politically motivitated, if not set-up at this point need their head examining.

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" What's he hiding?"

Paying a sinfully ugly maid for a tumble, when all the while she was actually setting him up for a grift. ,

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