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1.27 million protest in France against pension reforms


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I am a strong supporter of unions and labor rights, but keeping the retirement age at 62 is just ridiculous. People live longer and working conditions are safer. This isn’t the 1950s anymore. The current system is simply unsustainable.

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Europe sucks..

You've never even been there. Admit it.

Europe is a wonderful, diverse place, with problems just like every other place on earth.

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People live longer on average. Of course they should work longer.

Work, you lazy bums!

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Radio station France Inter played music instead of its usual morning talk shows and apologized to its listeners because employees were striking.

I wish American would do that again. The AM dial got hijacked by crazy loony juveniles like Rubbish Limberger and the FM dial has chatterbox DJs with endless commercials and bland music, if any. That's why when I'm driving I almost always am playing a CD.

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Nice to see the current working generations are selfish enough to pass their pension worries off to the next-still-at-school generations to pick up the bill.

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The retirement age should be adjusted to reflect the rise in the average life span. Compare the average life expectancy when the national pension system set the age of eligibility. It has changed significantly.

Personally, I hope to continue working as long as I'm physically able.

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Keep raising the retirement age little by little, then it'll be set up so that nobody will ever get to reap the benefits or the fruits of the labors.

DON'T let your government pull that stunt on you, people of France. Stand up for what you have earned, don't take anything less!

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Europe sucks..

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