Substitute teacher lectures Utah child over his 2 dads


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One woman gives an insensitive lecture to one child in Utah, and we're reading about it in world news. Meanwhile, in 20 million other classrooms across the USA and elsewhere, no other teacher did anything remotely like it. Only because of the hypersensitivity surrounding sexuality and identity politics are we reading about a relatively trivial incident which should only have been of importance to those immediately involved.

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You expect some bullying from kids in schools, and hope that the adults can catch and prevent it. You don't expect the bully to be the adult. FFS. Picking on a newly adopted orphan? This person should not be around children, ever.

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BigYen, as Dave Chappelle said recently, “You are never, ever, allowed to upset the alphabet people.”

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Good she should not be allowed to teach anywhere who lets nutjobs like this near children.

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I was taught lots of different viewpoints in school. The ones that interested me or that I didn’t feel right about I researched it. At a library, limited by what books we had.

kids now have all the information in the world at their fingertips. All they (and most adults) do with it is play games and post selfies and tweets. Which is what liberals want so that they don’t find out what they are being taught is not always true.

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One of the dads, Louis van Amstel, said he appreciates the three girls stepping up and the school’s quick response. But he wonders how the substitute got in a classroom in the first place and wants to make sure she never comes back again — at the boy’s school or anywhere in Utah.

Well, she likely got in because there isn't a checkbox on the application that says 'check this if you are homophobic'.

Now, this woman was trying to push her personal agenda on children in school. This is the short road to indoctrination, so schools need to be very careful about letting people decide to push their personal agendas in the school system. This teacher was clearly in the wrong and needed to be removed.

But, this culture of no path to redemption needs to be stopped, it's toxic. The idea that she and 'never come back again' simply creates a group of disaffected people in society who now feel persecuted, and become martyrs.

There should always be a path to redemption if one chooses to take it.

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BigYen, as Dave Chappelle said recently, “You are never, ever, allowed to upset the alphabet people.”

When Dave Chappelle said it, it was part of a comedy show, to make people laugh.

When you people use it the way you did, it's to hurt, to make people feel bad.

Me personally, I laughed at the former, and find the latter pathetic.

But hey, that's just me apparently.

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Which is what liberals want so that they don’t find out what they are being taught is not always true.

Ridiculous, cancel culture has been stronger for decades in the pubs. It's just gotten silly on the extreme left as of recent, and now you people are trying to use that to justify your own cancel culture.

We all know you only don't like cancel culture when it's your views being canceled.

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Utah has Christians who believe that bigomy is fine, but homosexuality is a sin. 15 yrs ago, the substitute wouldn't have been in any trouble in that school. 25 yrs ago, she would have been praised for moral teaching.

The world has change, but some places take more time to catch up, especially outside the NE and far west coast.

Stories like this help.

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