Suicide blast kills 19 at education center in Afghan capital


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So yeah, it can legitimately be said that America lost when they pulled out of Afghanistan. Status quo for the citizens of Afghanistan though.

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Hazara's just can't get a break in that country. They're persecuted by almost everyone there. I honestly hope it doesn't but I think Afghanistan is going to spiral out of control in the near future.

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More Saudi/Suni inspired violence against the Shia.

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A very backwards people where over half the population is denied basic freedoms. They need to find better rulers than the Taliban. Until they do, the will face nothing but struggles to survive in daily life. Sadly they have allowed it to happen to themselves by meekly letting the Taliban take over. Most regret it every day.

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Over 50% of the population think of the western military rule as "the good ole days." In the Taliban brains, if they cannot be educated, nobody can, I guess.

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The Afghan's, whoever they are, because no one can decide within the country themselves. They've fought off countless invasions by various countries trying to "liberate" them, when they themselves are woefully fractured and beyond repair anytime soon. Afghanistan needs to be isolated for a few decades so they can figure things out on their own. They need to decide their own direction and they need to fight for what they want.

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Wow, the terror continues.

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