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Suicide bomber kills 50 Syrian security forces


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I doubt it... the suicide bombers are likely trying to overthrow the regime so they can turn Syria into another Sharia Islamist state. These 'rebels' want sympathy from the West, but by using the tactics of terror they will only turn us against them.

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Coming in and setting off huge bombs in Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan... There is a kind of bloody logic to their madness, though. Revolting work.

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Can all of this really be blamed only on Al Qaeda??

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Absolutely horrible. I doubt the people killed by this were responsible for any crimes besides being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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holy crap, fifty soldiers dead by one man.

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In Damascus, a car bomb exploded in the mostly Alawite western district of Mezzeh 86, killing 11 people and wounding dozens more, including children,

The rebels truly are a sick bunch, what kind of a group would intentionally target and kill children.

The Syrian National Council (SNC), the largest overseas-based opposition group, was expected to expand its membership to 400 from 300 and to elect a new leader and executive committee before talks with other anti-Assad factions in Doha this week.

Is this the same SNC that even Ms. Clinton denounced as a meaningless talking club.

The rebels are terrorists.

Anybody that fights shoulder to shoulder with terrorists is guilty by association.

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A fighter from the Nusra Front drove his car to the center and then blew himself up, The Nusra Front, an al-Qaida-inspired group of ultra-orthodox Salafi Muslims, has claimed responsibility for several suicide bombings An Islamist group calling itself Seif al-Sham claimed responsibility for the attack

Such attacks serve to further legitimize Assad's dialing up the degree of force he uses to suppress the so-called rebellion.

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holy crap, fifty soldiers dead by one man.

Nothing to be proud of, and keep in mind that the count of 50, is supplied solely by the opposition. 50 is a pretty round number if you ask me.

According to SANA, the death toll was 2.

50 Syrian security men

What is a "security man"? Why not use the term soldier? Perhaps they weren't soldiers. Could be police or even civilian neighborhood patrol groups that locals setup to defend against the rebels.

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