Suicide bombers kill 44 at 2 churches in Egypt


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Tragic but sadly not even shocking news.

The militants recently vowed to step up attacks against Christians, whom they regard as infidels.

Christians have been in that region (and all of the middle east) far longer than Islam - but the Islamist germs who carried out these cowardly attacks would rather create terror than have people live together peacefully.

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What is happening to Coptic Christians in that region is a real tragedy and it is a type of genocide. Very sad

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I just wish we could find out what motivates people to blow up scores of Christians in a church. I've been told religion has nothing to do with it and so we'll just have to keep digging.

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It's DISGUSTING that these innocent people were savagely murdered by some nutbar. On a major holy day, mind you. Barbarians.

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The sad thing is, the more often that these attacks occur, the more they serve to 'normalize' and even encourage them in the eyes of potential perpetrators. Totally sick, as others have said above.

When the shocked suicide bomber somehow survives, he or she often looks back and wonders how they got so indoctrinated in the first place. Evil is at work on this planet.

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Religion is the issue. We need to do away with it.

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