Suicide bombing kills 41 in Afghan mosque


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Another man persuaded to go to Hell by the Taliban.

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Islam is submission, Islam is peace, Islam for harmony... Jihad is the way to go to heaven?????

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I really feel for the people just trying to live their lives and feed heir families in Afghanistan.

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If the Republicans that started all these wars were in power, they'd be whining anew about foreigners trying to influence US elections.

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Is this what Bush wanted by a so called "Mission Accomplished?" Just hell on earth there in Afghanistan, killing innocents at a place of worship?? That is just sick and twisted! RIP poor folk in that mosque

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I've said it before, I may not be fond of Islam in the slightest But never ever EVER attack people while they're at their place of worship. Its disgusting ridiculous that these extremists keep killing even those of the same beliefs in the name of their own"strict" interpretation or trying to force their personal perception onto ANYONE that disagrees with them.

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"The attacker was wearing a police uniform"

These low-lifes have no honor.

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Why Muslim killing Muslim? Is Taliban's Koran different to other Muslim's Koran?

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In case anyone forgot:

Yeah, militant Islamists are a problem.

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Dear lord protect us from your followers that justify bigotry and brutal killings in your name.

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Muslims killing Muslims are nothing new in history, since the winner takes all. Sunni against the Shiite, Muslims against other religions, blowing up Buddha statue...Oh, what a compassionate and peaceful almighty.....? Wake up folks, Islamist extremist fascism is real receiving support from every drop of gas in your daily consumption. In spite of Obama and his bots water down the issue - to turn the world into Islamic one is Muslims duty and ultimate prize (at any cost).

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The real horror of this isn't in the number of deaths but in the number of wounded. The injured, who are certain to include young children, are likely to be suffering from severe burns, lost limbs, blinding, etc. And we can imagine the level of medical care available in a provincial town in Afghanistan. I hope the Taliban leaders have the courage to visit the hospitals and see the results of their work.

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Funny we can say that Muslim extremists want to make everyone on the face of the earth convert to their religion, but I can think of a few religions back in the USA that are also quite similar and NON Muslim!!

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Eid al-Adha. Sacrificing a goat must be better than sacrificing a child, as Abraham discovered. But sacrificing a flower must be better than sacrificing a goat. Maybe the Supreme Being will be most happy when we share things with each other, always keeping any killing to a minimum. This must be close to the meaning of Eid al-Adha.

But the Taliban & al-Qaida have already decided it is justified to sacrifice children under their agenda, because they are superior, so no problem to blow up a gathering remembering Abraham's sacrifice and kill everyone there.

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