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Sunak and Starmer hit UK campaign trail

By Kate Holton and William James

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Michael Gove quits parliament in a blow to Sunak.

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Social media already looking to drum up support for tactical voting to take notable scalps. Rees-Mogg high on the list.

Starmer going on about change. This could be more about punishment.

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Thatcher and Blair proved beyond any reasonable doubt, the two-party system relies on a stringent disciplinary framework in parliamentary process, to enforce ridge voting patterns.

All ships must be sailing in the same direction, All MPs must be whipped into voting lock step, bloc fashion following a clear set of instruction, demanded insisted fo them by the Prime Minster/party leader.

The party controlling the majority in parliament, pulling the levers of power unopposed, legislation the PM adopts and proposes will become law.

No notable separation of power from executive/legislative branches. the opposition has little or nothing to contribute other than to howl from the side-lines.

Mays/Sunak’s/Johnson/Truss governments, musical chairs for four/five years as Parliament meets like a women’s institute flower arranging group, the vast majority is completely controlled by the political whims of PM and his cabinet, only the odd miscreant wayward voice within can restrain its power.

Tony Benn dairies and memoirs detail the process over 35 years.

It is time for change, indeed, to accept that the present system is broken, Wallace mentioned an elected upper chamber, abolishment of House of Lords.

Jimizo, a dedicated believer that social justice will prevail.

I humbly contend only will change be achieved if this system is turned upside down, that every democratic nook and cranny of government of civil service is reviewed and if necessary reformed.

This July election must represent a opportunity for the electorate to demand enough is enough.

My Father called me the great pretender, an armchair revolutionary.

My Mother rolls her eye every time my lips move where politics is concerned. Concentrate on your Ramen skills, she barks. you can play a tune on them

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I salute you on that. You can never have an effective third party with this toxic FPTP system

We used to have one but the Liberal Party despite its various restarts and name changes has faded into close to a protest vote.

I agree with a change to FPTP though. Some like the fact it keeps the minority nutters out but effectively rendering many votes worthless can’t be right.

Expect another consequence of FPTP in this election - tactical voting on an industrial scale.

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itsonlyrocknrollToday 03:55 pm JST

My opinion is that the current "two party" system of a first-past-the-post plurality voting system is a millstone around the nations neck

I salute you on that. You can never have an effective third party with this toxic FPTP system. Imagine if politicians were elected on who could be the most civilized because they had to appeal to the broadest electorate.

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"I got our country through Covid" Sunak tells workers in Derbyshire


"You know you can trust me when its comes to the economy"

A cost of living crises was aggravated by the abject failure to respond to a pandemic with a strategy that protected the most venerable people. business, the taxpayer from

Michelle Mone has £75m of assets frozen as NCA investigates fraud


It was awarded contracts worth more than £200m to supply PPE to the NHS through a “VIP lane”. The firm is also being sued by the Department of Health and Social Care.

My families UK farming business came to the brink of bankruptcy, full collapse, as Sunak then Chancellor fumbled and fiddled, failing to allow revenue streams to diversify. ease regulation, to allow farming to directly sell/stock to supermarket consumers.

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My opinion is that the current "two party" system of a first-past-the-post plurality voting system is a millstone around the nations neck

UK has had two successive political two-party alignments.

Conservative/Liberal up to 1914, Conservative/Labour since 1935, 1920 to 1935 is considered the “intermediary phase” between the two.

Now this can be attributed to the UK so called first past the post voting system.

Bear with me please...

Come the “election day”, voters receive a ballot paper with a list of candidates, only one MP will represent the constituency, each party has only one candidate to choose from.

Subsequently a voter puts a cross against/next to their choice of candidate.

Here is where the scenario of the two-party system is locked in, as the small fringe parties having little or no geographical base, have little opportunity of representation.

So, this Starmer/Sunak toxicity may I suggest create voter apathy.


Well, this general election “lid”, a potential Pandora’s box of combat hardcore face to face brutal campaigning to an electorate demanding change, aided by the pollsters. will get down seriously and dirty.

UK is a have, have not society like never before, housing, education, employment, access to services, health care. It is not remotely a level playing field.

Can either Starmers labour, or Sunaks conservatives present a manifesto or policy portfolio that truly inspires people to vote?

If so what would you like to see as top priorities?

Do Starmer/Sunak have the competence to achieve such priorities, or even a credible plan strategy?

Or the "quality" to select a team/cabinet to achieve those pledges and promises?

I understand Sunak has suggest he steered UK through Covid.

I actually find that offensive. I will go into that later.

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If the “conservatives” are re-elected it means the public are truly hopeless. However with the alternative being what it is I’m afraid Britain is finished either way.

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Sunak hasn't an election to stand on. It's rare for a PM of a party in power for 13 years to go into an election from a very weak standing.

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It’s hard to see what Sunak can run on here.

His record?

He admitted he’s fallen short of the targets he himself asked to be judged on. He’s been bigging himself up on his actions while Chancellor.

His stature as leader?

His favourabikity ratings are lower than Starmer’s whose own ratings are pretty poor. His own party don’t rate him.

Depicting Starmer and Labour as an existential threat who can’t be trusted with the economy?

Starmer isn’t a fire-breather nor a Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a bland lawyer. This is the party of Liz Truss which blew 30 billion quid in 6 weeks.

Digging up dirt?

Angela Rayner possibly owing a few thousand quid in tax isn’t really at the level of the tax-dodging and corruption from the characters in his party. The money Rayner may owe wouldn’t pay for one of his suits.

Hard to see a way in which washes.

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Polls surveys indicate the country/electorate are calling, after fourteen years of continuous conservative government, for change.

Whether that change reparents a new start is the question.

However in the weeks ahead maybe some of those questions could be answered.

Rishi Sunak, his leadership has fallen far short of peoples expectations in government.

Far short of his own grass roots party membership.

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Sunak travelling around the UK using economy class to show the people he isn't different from them.

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Great optics with Rishi dripping wet getting drowned out by music from people who knew the announcement was coming.

Well played, son.

He had another great moment in Wales when asking people if they were looking forward to the Euros. He was reminded Wales haven’t qualified.

Scored a worldy there.

He’s obviously a clever fella in some ways but he’s absolutely crap at this politics lark.

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