Superman's debut comic book issue sells for $1 mil


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Probably bought by one of those 'nerds' in Kitakyushu awaiting the opening of the Manga museum.

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What's a dog-eared 1967 issue of Spiderman worth?

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"Nerds" usually don't have that much money. The sale is not different from paintings in private collections changing hands. But it still doesn't beat the T206 Honus Wagner baseball card when price is concerned.

I remembered an episode from the old Amazing Stories TV show about a guy who doesn't throw anything away, only to discover that his stuff fetched very high prices when he got older. This shows that for a collection to be practical, you should collect with the mindset to sell them in the future for a considerable price. If not, it will all be just junk taking up space.

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Had a friend in highschool that had one of these... mint condition. showed it to us one time. Wonder if he's cashed in yet...

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I have the 1st Photoshop guide book. It is thinner than that Superman Comic, and in perfect shape.

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You know you have too much money when you can pay that much for a comic book.

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"Nerds" usually don't have that much money.

Bill Gates.

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