Supreme Court to hear arguments in big abortion case


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The landscape of abortion has changed. Over 90% of abortions are achieved in the first trimester with two medications. You're not going to stop women with unwanted pregnancies from accessing those medications, whether they do it legally or illegally. The vast majority of the rest of the abortions will be performed in states that allow for it, and their clinics will spring up just over the border from states that outlaw abortion. But two other impacts will be realized: more deaths and unintended health deficits from women not being medically supervised with abortions in the first trimester, and a collapse in the pro-life movement as women will not seek out pro-life interventions, and pro-life counselors deferring to law enforcement. End result... a spike in the raw number of abortions, which have been declining consistently for two decades.

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Anyone who opposes Roe Vs Wade should adopt a child. Every single day. Until there are no orphaned children left.

Put your money where your mouth is.

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The Texas law will also be challenged now that there's a case

"First Private Citizen To Be Sued Under Texas Abortion Law Is Doctor Who Publicly Admitted Performing Abortion"

Plaintiff Oscar Stilley sued Dr. Alan Braid under Texas’ Senate Bill 8 (SB 8), which empowers private citizens to enforce its near-total ban on abortion through lawsuits brought against anyone that “aids and abets” an abortion.

Stilley told the Post in an interview he had brought the litigation in order to test whether SB 8 is constitutional, as well as for the $10,000 in damages the law empowers any citizen to collect if their legal challenge is successful—though Stilley’s lawsuit asks for a higher sum of $100,000.

A second lawsuit was filed against Braid in Bexar County by Felipe N. Gomez, who did not seek any monetary damages and directly challenged the Texas law, alleging SB 8 “is illegal as written and as applied here until Roe v Wade is reversed or modified.”

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We are going to find out if the propaganda about precedent and being against “judicial activism is just that, Federalist Society propaganda or if it actually means something.

My bet is that it’s will all be forgotten as soon as the Religious zealots see the opportunity to enforce their patriarchal version of morality on women in America.

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