Surfer dies after losing leg in Australian shark attack


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+1 for the Star Trek drop

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When the hell are they going to invent tricorders that can detect sharks before they can get too close?

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As as Surfer and having surfed various locations around Australia we all know the risk we are taking when getting into the water.Do not want to take the risk don't get in that simple there are man made wave pools which you can go surfing.Totally agree with 'cleo' on this one after all the Sharks were there first..

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If the great whites start coming up on land, roaming the suburbs causing havoc and looking for people to eat, then by all means cull them. So long as they stay in the water, doing what sharks do, just leave them alone.

Just don't go surfing (=imitating a seal) in shark-infested waters. Or looking for wild veggies in bear-infested woods.

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I support culling great white sharks. The less there are the less likelihood of an attack. I don't care how "amazing" these sharks are.

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