Surfer fights off shark during South Africa competition


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I guess that Mick Fanning showed that shark who's the boss.

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I was watching it live when it happened and it was absolutely terrifying.

A wave, just after he got knocked off his board, blocked the camera's view for about 20 seconds so you couldn't tell what was happening, whether Mick was dead or alive.

I was so glad to see him climb up on that jet ski alive unharmed.

This was the last thing anyone expected to see.

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I've seen the video and can only assume from the size of the fin we are talking a big shark here. It also confirmed to me that my decision made many years ago not to go into the sea was the right one - I don't swim in the sea I don't run even the remotest chance of encountering a shark. That said the ex-wife's lawyers email was shark@ (this is true) and she took a big bite out of me.

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MarkGJUL. 20, 2015 - 09:13AM JST I guess that Mick Fanning showed that shark who's the boss.

Mick would be the first to disagree with that statement!

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The footage is some scary stuff right there. Thankful Mick is alive!

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Well the shark was at least taught on an instinctual level that humans can be a problem to try and eat.

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