Survivors huddle after violence in India kills 72


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It's another tragedy in Assam state. There's no doubt about native peoples of Assam were pushing out of their land by settlers from Bangladesh and India. Actually Assam was not belonging to India. British Colony Government had rewarded to India for its loyal service to British Empire. We must look back how India got Assam and other states from British as gift. Government in London dislikes Burma because Burmese Army was fight against British Colony Government with help from Royal Japanese Military in the war. After the WWWII and when British leave India was favor over Burma and British had given most of territories which were taken from Burma in first Anglo – Burma War. British had given India most of lands except Taninthayi and Rakhine but Chitagong Hill Tracts from Rakhine was given to East Pakistan for to create new Muslim country.

According to the Yadaboo treaty, the Burmese agreed to (1) cede to the British Assam, Manipur, Rakhine (Arakan), and Taninthayi (Tenasserim) coast south of Salween river, (2) cease all interference in Cachar and Jaintia, (3) pay an indemnity of one million pounds sterling in four installments, (4) allow for an exchange of diplomatic representatives between Ava and Calcutta, and (5) sign a commercial treaty in due course. In Assam, Some of native tribes are already extinct and some tribes are nearly extinct. Native tribe like Naga and Bodo are fighting for independent from India. Also native peoples of Chittagong Hill Tracts have lost their land to settlers from Bangladeshi. Peoples from Marma, Rakhine, Chakma and other tribes were fleeing to Rakhine state in Burma.

British Government has moral responsible for those native peoples survival in its former colony. Indian Government and Bangladeshi Government are encouraging their peoples to mass migrate into tribal area.

Assam king had converted to Hindi religion but they were not Indian ethnic and they have their own language. They are close relative of ethnics from Burma and some living in both sides. The whole region were Indianized during British colony ruled and some have lost their language, culture, tradition and ethnic identity as well.

Now it’s time for British Government to involve in peace dialogue between native peoples and Governments in Assam and other regions which were not historically belonging to India or Bangladesh. All Government should be respected and protected right of native peoples. Currently those native peoples of Assam and Chittagong Tracts are losing their voice for help from UN and International Governments. I believe British Government has morally responsible for native peoples from its former Colony lands.

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Kobuta-san, thank you for your fascinating comments.

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Just give them their own state.

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What a mess! I thought the TALIBAN and ISIS were very bad, bad I guess they are only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG! RIP poor, innocent families in that part of India.

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@Kobuta Chan

Assam king had converted to Hindi religion but they were not Indian ethnic and they have their own language

What exactly is "Indian ethic"? Isn't India comprised of many different ethnicity with several hundred distinct languages?

Actually Assam was not belonging to India

Which India are you talking about?

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HighLama ### If you learn true history about India, Assam (Ahom Kingdom), Chittagon, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Arakan and Burma before East India Company colonized the whole region. British East India Company rule the whole region from India but any Raja from India didn't rule any piece of land in Assam, Rakhine, Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Which India are you talking about?

I’m talking about India before British colonizing Burma and India and what had happened after British Colony Government had left its colony.

What exactly is "Indian ethic"? Isn't India comprised of many different ethnicity with several hundred distinct languages?

I’m not talk about how many Languages in today India. If Burma was still ruled from India and then you can count Burmese language as one of language use in India but other Indian and sub Indians languages are not literally connections with Burmese language. You can understand it if you follow old true India history and not corrupted one. Tai, Bodo, Naga and other native Assamese languages are literally not connection with other India languages. They are Tibeto – Burman race. I don’t know how to explain in intelligent way to you. These peoples’ culture, tradition, languages and religion are difference from main stream Indian ethnics except Ahom King converted to Hindi religion but God can’t changed his ethnic identity. Majority of Tai peoples are Buddhist.

Assam was Ahom Kingdom. Ahom ethnic is Tai ethnic. There were other Tai peoples who were living under difference ethnic name in Ahom Kingdom. I think these Tai peoples name their ethnic identity on the region where they settled. For example, Tai Khamti peoples first settled in Khamti region in Burma and later some of them migrated into Ahom Kingdom (Assam). If you want to know what is Tai ethnic and then you can get information on Internet. Sham, Khamti, Laos, Thais are Tai ethnic and they all speak basic Tai language. Literally they can communicate in Tai language even thought they were settled in difference region.

Only India got Assam as gift from British Colony Government under Yadaboo Treaty which was treaty between Burmese King and British Army signed on 1826. You need to check first Anglo – Burma War history for why war was happened between Burma and English.

British had no right to divided and gave away Assam and Chittagong Hill Tracts under Yadaboo Treaty. Burmese King had surrendered Assam, Rakhine and other states to British Empire but it does not mean British can give away these states to other Country. British had only two choices one is given back to Burma as Yadaboo Treaty or given independent to Assam and Chittagong Hill Tracts. I believe if British had formed Chittagong Hill Tracts and Assam as one state and given Independent will be better for the whole region.

History you can’t turn back now but Government need to fix problems in this region. Otherwise, the war between Bodo, Naga and India Government will never end and bloodsheds are more to come. Killing innocent peoples won’t be achieved anything and also oppressing and broken Native peoples right won’t be getting peace either in Assam. British as former benifitor of this region, British Government has morally obligated for welfare of Native peoples of Assam and other states. The British do as what Japanese Government was doing in its former Colony. I don’t want to talk about Communist Chinese and S. Korean Government because they are playing politic and hiding Japanese Aid from their citizens.

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KoButs chan your knowledge of Assams history is accurate but your knowledge of Japan's isn't.Thats due to your history books in this country.

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Hi Kabuta Chan. How do u know so much about Assam? Tell me!

I'm an Assamese myself but i'm more interested in Japan

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