Survivors: Up to 117 missing from sunken boat off Libya


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These vessels are scuttled to create a rescue situation. Sinking implies it's not done on purpose. Scuttling is a deliberate sinking.

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The key to all that is to stop "offering" refuge... to curb the "initiative".., then go after the human traffickers that are profiting from all these unreasonable and dangerous transit over the ocean....

For every actions such as these, there are causes...

Get to the root of the cause... and it cannot just be the fact that they are running away from some terror...

There has be be some "hope" and a "high expectation" which has been "offered" to motivate all those people tom take such dangerous risks.

The entire region and the world has to "wake up" and stop reacting and start acting. Take preemptive action and not react to a situation where there is no option or alternative.

After all these years... it is extremely foolish... if not, just plain "s - - - - -".

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The problem would cease if the European authorities stopped handing out welfare to these people, started turning these boats back at sea even if they towed them back to where they came from, Australia did it and for those boats where the illegal immigrants scuttled them the navy had back up boats to put them on then towed them back.

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The problem would cease if the European authorities stopped handing out welfare to these people

I think the problem is all the myths and falsehoods spread about "these people".

RIP to the victims.

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