Suspected U.S. missile strike kills 3 in Pakistan


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Pure stupidity. In every Madarass across Pakistan, thousands of new jihadists are educated every day. And while the US makes their riduculous exercise in futitility by sending a couple rockets into Waziristan, the Jihadists are beheading their way to Shariah across the Swat Valley.

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Here we go again. If it aint Israel murdering , then it's the bleeding Yanks.

It never stops. Most probably, they was innocent victims. We all know about America and their so called precision bombing and how rubbish that is don't we, eh!

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We could always revert to WWII carpet bombing if you would like.

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I must agree with Alf here. America is very adept at killing people, especially with friendly fire.

I also agree with Capster78: Maybe carpet bombing would be better (less innocent victims).

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prove it: How do you know these are not Cyborgs dropped from UFOs killing these terrorists.

There is galaxy-wide manhunt on these terrorists right now.

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The three militants killed Thursday were from a Central Asian country, said the officials without providing further details.

They said they received information about the attack from local agents.

This same thing was going on in Iraq. Locals were turning in their friends as being terrorists and eliminating their enemies.

The reason there aren't any further details is because they actually don't have any idea who they killed. < :-)

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