Suspects in N Korean's murder coated hands with poison


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Kind of amateurish for being caught that easily but I guess the mission was a success...

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@TumbleDry They didn't even try to hide anything, seems more like a suicide mission.

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The poison was sophisticated enough to kill him in minutes and the toxicology results are still inconclusive. The only people in custody are some paid lackeys and the real conspirators behind the murder were out of the country within hours. Diplomatic manipulation by the DPRK embassy will ensure a quagmire for weeks.

Doesn't sound amateurish at all.

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Not the conspirators. The conspirators never entered the country. Makes you wonder about just what north Korea is really up to. Like...the missiles are really a distraction. From what they really plan to use.

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just keeps getting messier and messier. now an embassy staff member is also implicated? Wow.

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Malaysia should shut down the North Korean embassy and cut diplomatic ties for sponsoring an execution in their country.

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It can't be VX since VX is also absorbed through the skin.

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Wow, this case is getting more bizarre. The women had the poison on their hands? Why didnt it kill or at least incapacitate them? It appears to be the kind that's absorbed through the skin. And the women were NOT duped?!

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Khalid noted the two women “were warned to take precautions,” and said security camera footage showed them quickly walking to restrooms after the attack to wash their hands.

That pretty blows their "we thought we were making prank videos" defence out of the water.

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I wonder if it was Ricin? That is noted to kill in just a few hours, has no known antidote and is odorless/colourless. I think it is only effective if inhaled or injested so if the suspects washed their hands thoroughly they should be okay (as they in fact were/are). His early symptoms would largely fit ricin poisoning as well.

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Hope CRM la in Japan or FBI can. help.

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Maybe it was a combination of two substances that are only deadly if combined. Like one woman applied one substance and the second woman the other substance. The attackers are safe then.

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