Suspect's wife apologizes over N Carolina nursing home shooting


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It's good of this woman to apologize on behalf of her lunatic husband's actions, but it shouldn't be necessary. Still a sad event, all around.

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This story is similar to the 23 yr-old Haitian man's killing of his 17 yr-old and decapitation of his 5 yr-old sister in that he was acting out his inability to handle the stress of living in the US - the guy became a heavy drinker following his stint in prison.

In the above story, the man acted out his frustration at being unable to reach his wife to shoot her dead. So he killed all those old people. He was unable to handle the stress of separation, even though he was also unable to adapt to married life.

While I feel sorry for the wife for having to apologize for his behavior, she's not in the wrong. Her words show caring and compassion, both for the victims' family, herself, and her husband.

His actions only show what a miserable coward he is. IMHO the news hides details like why they married twice, and whether he had a history of domestic abuse and alcoholism.

There is no call for this kind of reaction to separation unless there was a history of violence.

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